From Jill Scott's House to the White House

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JILL SCOTT performing at Funk Jazz Kafe
Atlanta, Georgia - April 2004

Where: Atlanta, United States
When: 09 Apr 2004
Credit: Shannon McCollum / WENN

From Jill Scott's House to the White House

Jill Scott's soul spills over into our lives and makes them better.

Published November 1, 2016

  1. On The Playground Is Where I Spent Most of My Days

    Jill Scott was born in North Philadelphia. Her mother and grandmother raised her to be the woman she is today.  

    Throw all the way back Thursday. 😊. So much has occurred since then.

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  2. Growing Up in High School

    Jill kept things local, going on to attend the Philadelphia High School for Girls, where she geared up for the next stage of her life.

    (Photo: Shannon McCollum / WENN)
  3. She Went to Temple University!

    After graduating from high school, Jill Scott went to Temple University, where she studied secondary education for three years and, at one time, planned to become a high school English teacher. After getting a taste of teaching, she decided to take a different route. However, before she landed music gigs, she had retail gigs. 

    Good morning, Owls. Photo by @taytayleonardo

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  4. Spoken Word Artist

    Jill is a poet at heart. She released her first-ever poetry collection, The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours: The Poetry of Jill Scott in 2005. It's filled with sultry, tell-it-like-it-is verses that stir emotion. 

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  5. When You Get Discovered By Questlove

    Jill Scott was eventually discovered by Questlove, who played a significant role in making sure she landed key roles.

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  6. Jill Drops Her First Album

    Jill Scott became the first artist signed to Steve McKeever's Hidden Beach Recordings label. Under his management, she released her debut album, Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol.1 in 2000, providing her with international recognition. Her single "A Long Walk" topped charts, eventually earning a Grammy nomination.

    (Photo: Hidden Beach records)
  7. She's a Whole Lot of 'Woman'

    Jill Scott's latest album, Woman, dropped just last year. We were all ears after going a few years without hearing from the songstress. 

    (Photo: Blues Babe, Atlantic Records)
  8. She Started The Blues Babe Foundation

    Jill Scott started the Blues Babe Foundation in Philadelphia. The heart of the organization is to see the lives of kids changed. 

    (Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)
  9. Jill Scott Performs at The White House!

    Jill Scott brought her sultry vibes to the White House. Her verses were so needed as we celebrate the end of the Obama era and grapple with our political future. 

    (Photo: Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images)

Written by BET Staff

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