We Talked to Rihanna's Favorite Teenage Viral Video Star

(Photo: i_got_barzz via Instagram)

We Talked to Rihanna's Favorite Teenage Viral Video Star

His moves are everyone's #shmood

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 9, 2016 / 11:41 AM

Rihanna cleaned up the 2017 Grammys early with a whopping eight nominations and took to Instagram to post her excitement as all millenials do, by using something funny they found on the Internet. I'm sure you've seen the one she's posted. It features a lanky kid with his pants hiked up Steve Urkel style, moving in the most exaggerated and simeltaneously stiff manner. The video’s star is Insta-famous teen Russell Horning aka @i­_got_barzz. The 14 year-old has 131K followers (and that’s after being hacked multiple times) one of them now being Rihanna.

“When I found out about my 8 nods!!! Shout out to the Academy #GRAMMY2017,” she captioned the re-post

BET.com asked Russell how it felt being recognized by a celebrity as big as the pop queen, his answer—“Good.” Well. Ok. Obviously, he’s a young man of very few words. His mother, Anita Redd admitted, “He's better at dancing than talking!” 

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Russell lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia and often shows off his comical dance moves to Dirty South rap. In the video RiRi posted it’s Southern rap duo Team Twin’s hit “My Friends” playing in the background. So just how did a little white boy dancing to hardcore hip hop become a social media star? “I have no idea. It just started taking off so I kept it going. The first video of me dancing went viral in January, then another in May, and then yesterday,” he says.

“I think people love the videos so much because they’re original. Yeah, there are other dance videos, but mine are funny. There’s nothing else like it,” he added.

We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of Russell, he thinks a career in comedy might be in his future. In the meantime, check out his Instagram for loads of laughs.


Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: i_got_barzz via Instagram)


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