EXCLUSIVE: We Talked to The Rapper Who Demanded $5 Million from Kim Kardashian to Remove His Viral Video Slamming the Family

(Photo: Nino Brown via Facebook)

EXCLUSIVE: We Talked to The Rapper Who Demanded $5 Million from Kim Kardashian to Remove His Viral Video Slamming the Family

Nino Brown wants no parts of the 'Kardashian Kurse'.

Published December 20, 2016

“I don’t want no Kardashian hoe for Christmas.” That’s a PG snippet from a nearly four-minute video rant Nino Brown posted to Facebook on Friday (Dec. 16) that has since gone viral. The Miami rapper blasted Kim Kardashian and her sisters, claiming they are "no-talent culture vultures who fool Black men." He even shouts a few of those men out like Lamar Odom, Tyga, Ray J and Kanye West, who he says have fallen victim to the “Kardashian Kurse.”  

Nope, that’s not the name of a new Kardashian fragrance, but the voodoo-like powers of the women of reality TV's famous family, and Nino believes that they are responsible for the very public hard times these men have had. He even warns Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. “Kylie Jenner, ever since she got with god–mn Tyga, Tyga ain’t made a motherf–king hit since,” Nino says. Hey, he's not wrong. 

The video is already up to five million views on Facebook coincidentally the same amount of cash Nino asked Kim to pay up if she wants the video removed when she texted him to take it down yesterday. As expected, Kim wasn’t too happy about the slander, threatening to sue for deformation of character. His response? “Kiss my a** and feed me grapes.” 

In the name of “keeping it Black,” Nino chopped it up with BET.com on all things Kardashian Kurse related, his relationship with Kimye, and why his price will go up if he hears from Kanye. 

BET.com: What prompted you to make the video?

Nino Brown: “Well I’m going to go down a timeline as quickly and briefly as possible of these little devils… Ray J’s sperm count made the Kardashians, but yet Kim and her entire family are richer and more famous than Ray J. It’s to the point where Ray J touched Whitney Houston’s casket but they refer to him as the guy who made the sex tape with the Kardashian girl. So it’s like when you look at the history of Black brothers, like Nick Cannon — he was with her and had to get away from her to get his career on track. All he has is Wildin’ Out and Kim K is still more successful than him, even Bow Wow, Game, etc. There’s just a list of Black brothers who have been torn down by these girls because they’re beautiful and you gotta remember the devil, Lucifer, was beautiful and he tore down things. It’s just gotta be out there that everything that look good ain’t good and sometimes you gotta be careful what you ask for because just cause it looks good doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a rotten soul.”

(Ed note: We believe Kim Kardashian's success is entirely warrented on her own merits and her accomplishments stand independently from anyone she has dated or will date in the future)

Why did you post Kim’s text to you?

NB: “Me and Kanye had been down a long time, ya know, before he got with Kim. I was signed to DJ Khaled as an artist and I would see Kim around in the studio just hanging around. And we exchanged numbers because she was trying to open the Dash store down here in Miami and I do real estate and I was looking to help her find somewhere to set up shop. But what made me post [the test] was to show it was true what I was saying. This is nothing that I’m making up, and that she’s really interested in what I got going on to ask me to take down what I’m saying.”

What is your relationship like with Kanye now?

NB: “Kanye is not a phone guy. He’s an email, you gotta contact his assistant guy if he knows you and he deals with you. He’s not really a contact guy. He’s not friendly. I haven’t spoken to Kanye since the show we did together at club LIV a couple years back. And ya know, he’ll send me shoes here and there. But just knowing Kanye and being around him in New York City and being around him in different studios and different things, you know he’s gave me a few passes to a show when he came to Miami — he has changed for the worst. He’s become a different kind of person. And there’s a whole negative light around Kanye, when people use to accept that Kanye that was just very bold and fearless. But now he even went at Jay Z. He’s going at everybody now and that’s not like Kanye. And I feel bad for his circumstances. It’s like what Scarface says, 'With the right woman, you can conquer the world,' but with wrong woman you’re doomed for destruction."

You think his circumstances are a result of the so-called Kardashian curse?

NB: “I think the Kardashian curse is very real. And I think that’s what’s effecting Kanye, because he was already going through a situation where he lost his mother, Donda West, and he has yet to really recover from that because that’s all he really had. And it’s like he’s got two children from Kim now and she’s not going anywhere so I feel like he’s definitely under that curse and that spell.

Why ask for $5 million?

NB: “It’s just a small percentage of what she made off my Black brothers. And I’m going to be honest with you, that $5 million I was going to take to the homeless people that are sleeping on the street and give them a place to stay and try to give some publicity to the homeless like I already do. Really just try to help these people get out of the streets. I definitely wanted $5 million from her and I still do. I have an email from a lawyer stating I am to take it down, cease and desist and all that, and I told him, ‘You could go to hell and feed me grapes!’ Nothing’s coming down. That’s freedom of speech. He’s threatening that it’s defamation of character and all this stuff. But I told him, ‘Hey man, I’m from the streets. I don’t know anything about that. All I know is the truth.’”

What would you say to Kanye if he reached out?

NB: “I’m going to tell him to break bread. He’ll have to break bread or fake dead. He’ll have to pay me $5 million — actually I’ll probably want $10 million from him because he’s Black and she’s using him to come at me. But he’s definitely going to have to pay, that would be the only way to squash it. I’m going to put it behind me one day, but as of right now I need my Black brothers to wake up because we’re so interested in beautiful women that we lose site of the things that matter like the women who are down for us all cause we want a Kardashian. Look at 21 Savage, out here doing all this reckless stuff he’s doing like a fool. He’s running around talking about Kylie Jenner and he doesn’t understand that these people are cursed and doomed.

Can you explain what your grape videos are?

NB: I represent King treatment. I believe every woman should cater to the man in the relationship if the man is the provider, a father and doing what he’s supposed to be doing. A man should be celebrated not tolerated. And that’s what I represent with the grape movement. So what I do is I have women feed me grapes daily on and off camera. I feel like a woman is supposed to treat a man like a king and a man is supposed to treat a woman like a queen. Back in the day Kings were fed grapes so I just kick real game and talk about what’s going on with everyday reality. I say "grape" and the woman puts a grape in my mouth, I eat it, sip a little champagne, and go to kickin’ the game again.”

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Nino Brown via Facebook)


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