Step Aside Kylie: Nas’s Daughter Destiny Jones Is Serious About Her Own Lip Gloss Line

Step Aside Kylie: Nas’s Daughter Destiny Jones Is Serious About Her Own Lip Gloss Line

Lipmatic’s old school New York street flavor is tailor made for every ‘round the way girl.

Published December 21, 2016

Having a celebrity father can be hard on their grownup children, especially those who are trying to make a name for themselves. But Destiny Jones — daughter of iconic rapper Nas — is stepping out of his shadow and paying homage to his legacy at the same time. 

Enter her dope lip gloss line: Lipmatic. (And, since we know you’re wondering, her Pops couldn’t be more proud.)

Playing off Nas’s classic album Illmatic, Jones’s line is an ode to her New York City upbringing and vintage hip-hop culture. Boasting affordable 15 glosses — $14 a pop — each with the NYC skyline on the packaging with names like Sunrise in Harlem, Hell’s Kitchen and Jackson Heights Street Light, it’s clear that the 22-year-old has mad love for the place where she was born and raised.


New York is where I’m from and where hip-hop started. I wanted to create a line that embodied the two because it didn’t really exist,” Jones told

“I noticed that there are so many lines that are from Beverly Hills — and those lines are great — but they don’t represent that street vibe in New York City — or embrace the world that I come from.”

And for Jones it was important to create a product that young women like her could afford and identify with.

“Someone one told me, ‘You guys look like ‘round the way girls,’ and I said, "Well that’s who we are," and that’s who these glosses represent. There are days when you want the glitz and glamour and there days when you just want to put on your Timbs and Adidas. And that’s just as beautiful,” the aspiring actress stressed.

What’s also great about Lipmatic is that the shades range from deep red to barely-there nudes and look great on every skin tone.

“My best friend, who is dark-skinned, was hesitant to try one of our peach shades and I was like, "Give it a chance." And now it’s one of her favorite colors!” she said.

And this diversity is really important to Jones.

“We all come in different shades regardless of nationality and I just wanted for the gloss colors to complement anyone. Now, each color is going to look different on different skin tones, but they will all look good,” she asserts.

It’s also worth pointing out that outside of being grounded in hip-hop culture and inclusion, Lipmatic also stands out because of its ingredients — each gloss is 98 percent organic, packed with sunflower seed oil, bee's wax, coconut oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter, cocoa butter and lavender flower extract.

“When I started doing research and saw all of the chemicals that we were putting on our lips, I didn’t want my products to have any of that. Our glosses are really moisturizing and smooth and won’t leave your lips dry or cracked when you take it off.”

And while her line dropped in 2014 coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Illmatic,, Lipmatic has been gaining a lot of traction this year, which has Jones definitely interested in expanding in the future.

“Next year we are dropping two new shades and I am looking into creating lip liners and lipsticks!” she says.

All we can say is, “pucker up!”

Interested in starting your own cosmetics line? Jones offers up this advice:

  • Be passionate: I have always been a big lover of lip gloss ever since I was a kid and so Lipmatic is authentic and real and from my heart. And whatever you create should come from that same type of passion.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help: Initially, I was having a hard time coming up with names and I thought everything just sounded stupid. And with the help of my friends, we started playing with the titles of my father’s albums and Lipmatic stuck!
  • Do your research: In the beginning, l literally put into Google, “How to start a lip gloss line,” and started to look up different glosses, their formulas, you name it. Research also is a good way for you to know what’s out there so you can create something different.

Learn more about Lipmatic and how to purchase Jones’s glosses here.


Written by Kellee Terrell

(Photos: Lipmatic via Kiran Goraya)


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