This Woman Is Making a Fortune Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy test. (Photo by: BSIP/UIG via Getty Images)

This Woman Is Making a Fortune Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests

But she “doesn’t see how you could trap a man.”

Published December 22, 2016

We’ve all done at least a few weird things to pay the bills, but an anonymous woman in Jacksonville, Florida, is really taking hustling to a new level. She’s three months pregnant, and to help pay her college tuition, she’s selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist for $25 a pop. Well, you can’t deny that she’s creative!

In the Craigslist ad, which has been since been taken down (The Daily Mail has screenshots) the anonymous student wrote, “I am 3 months [pregnant] and I am providing a product in which the consumer is able to purchase positive pregnancy tests or urine for your own use.”

She continued with some groundbreaking ideas for what one could do with a used pregnancy test. “Whether you are using it for your own amusement, such as a prank, or to blackmail the CEO of where ever, [whom] you are having an affair with, I DON'T CARE AT ALL,” she wrote. “This is an absolutely no-questions-asked type of deal.”

There’s a nice deal for those who travel more than 35 miles to purchase the tests: she’ll give you two for $35. Not bad! But it does make you wonder who the hell is driving more than 35 miles to purchase a pregnancy test. Shonda Rhimes, take note — this seems like the perfect plot line for you.

A reporter from the Jacksonville Fox affiliate got ahold of the anonymous woman for an interview. She said she makes $200 a day selling pregnancy tests, which is about a $150 profit when you factor in the costs of the tests themselves. When the reporter referenced women buying positive pregnancy tests in order to “play a prank or as a way to get a guy to pop the question,” our Craigslist entrepreneur responded by saying, “I don’t see how you could trap a man.” Way to play it close to the vest, lady. You’re an inspiration. 

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: BSIP/UIG via Getty Images)


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