How to Slay the Side Hustle

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How to Slay the Side Hustle

Every millennial needs to know this.

Published May 9, 2017

These days, we know that no one has just one job. If you need proof, look no further than Hollywood. Either you're an accountant-slash-actor-slash-personal trainer-slash-dancer-slash-aspiring writer or your name is Zendaya. Basically, everyone nowadays has a side hustle. If you don’t have a side hustle, you barely can keep up in this growing economy. But if you weren't a baby Disney channel star, you might have a hard time finding your subsidiary talents. Here's how you can manage the side hustle in 2017. 

Get your s**t together!

First, you've got to decide if a side hustle is something you can even take on. Everyone wants to be someone, but they often don’t want to put in the work. Can you manage yourself on the side? There won’t be a boss tracking your time, setting deadlines and goals. It’s all on YOU.

Can you give up your social life to add a hustle? If you're like me and a social life is important, ask yourself how you can get paid without giving it all up.

Make that boring day job you can't stand going to an asset!

I have plenty of group chats full of people who sit in their office from 9 to 5 texting how much they hate it. I go on social media and see countless minutes of IG and Snapchat stories from people in their office posting memes about how they hate their jobs. Well, the good news is you are getting paid to complain about the place you hate! The better news is that you can get paid to work on your side hustle.

In your downtime, work on your hustle while at the office. Send some emails, make some calls and plan some projects. (Technically, you're already stealing company time on IG, anyway. I am sure your accounting firm is not concerned about “seven ways to lose weight in seven days.”) If you are addicted to social media (like the majority of the world is), there’s nothing wrong with that, but use that time to build your brand on there. It sounds silly, but trust me, those little dollars here and there will add up! Eventually you will want more, resulting in you putting in more work to get your side hustle popping!

Create the hustler's mentality of “work whenever you can”!

Sadly, there will always just be 24 hours in a day, so just make the best out of them. People tend to waste time thinking about how much time they don’t have. Set deadlines and goals for yourself and work on your hustle whenever you can. Don’t fall victim to listening to others and their “set schedule.” That may not work for you. If you get your best work done at 3 a.m. after the club, so be it. Whatever is a distraction for you, eliminate it so you can focus on your hustle.

A side hustle should pay you!

Think strategically about your hustle. Will this be useful to someone else? Most importantly, CAN I GET PAID FOR THIS??? And not just one or two checks. Your side hustle shouldn’t cost you money. You shouldn’t be taking out loans for a hustle that has no return. We all know that story will end with you having bad credit and being single and homeless. The point is there is a major difference between a side hustle and a second job! A side hustle is something you enjoy doing; a second job is something to pay the bills. And most second jobs are worse than the first job. Just saying.

Know how to manage your finances. If you freelance, understand any tax implications. Uncle Sam will need his cash, so don’t get caught up messing with him. Having a side hustle increases your chances of getting an audit. So as tempting as $19.99 sounds to file your taxes, try to invest in an accountant for about 30 bucks more.

Switch your side hustle to your main hustle!

When you see the cash flow rolling in — enough to sustain yourself and better your brand —change your hustle effort. If you've got the right sauce, maximize on it. Your side hustle may now need to grow in other states or, if you're lucky, internationally. Once your hustle is booming, believe it or not, it will be easy to expand because you already know the formula! Look at Joanne the Scammer, he (or she) made a living out of turning a side hustle of scamming into a recognized, legally paying profession! So it’s possible. Just saying!

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Tom Merton/Getty Images)


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