See All The Outrageous Brow Trends Taking Over The Internet

See All The Outrageous Brow Trends Taking Over The Internet

Feathered, wavy, braided? It has officially become too much!

PUBLISHED ON : SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 / 12:04 PM

We're calling it: it's officially the year of the eyebrow. The past few months have been crazy with what feels like a million brow trends. 

From the transition of "eyebrows on fleek" to feathered brows, we have seen loads of Instagram-worthy looks. But, apparently, this was only the beginning of the madness. 

Talented makeup artists, vloggers and bloggers with nothing but time on their hands, mad makeup skills and a large social media following have been creating a series of viral trends that will have you raising an eyebrow — literally! 

Recently, we encountered the wavy/squiggly brows that had more than 15K Instagram photos of beauty gurus sporting the hard-to-achieve look. Could bizarre trends be the solution for our constant need of a beauty fix?

Take a look for yourself at the most bizarre brow trends currently taking over social media.

  1. Feather Brows

    Created by makeup artist,, the feather brow trend is bound to be on the runways (or sidewalk) very soon!

  2. Wavy Brows

    A post shared by btwimamarie (@amarieproctor) on

    Wavy brows are currently the most popular brow trend. If we had to choose who did it best, makeup artist @amarieproctor would have to be our top choice. 

  3. Split Brows

    Cut it out! Not really, this optical illusion is not for the faint of heart! Makeup artist @kibsterr shared that the look is achieved by placing makeup across the eyebrow horizontally — and was smoothed out with the Facetune app. 

  4. Braided Brows

    Braided brows were actually started by 17-year-old makeup artist Eros Gomez, who told that, as a joke, he Photoshopped his eyebrow to create what is now being called a braided brow. Instantly, the trend went viral, with makeup gurus from everywhere recreating the look without using a single overlay.

    The amazing thing is we remember when “Queen of Grip” hairstylist Janet Michelle took loads of backlash as she showed off her grip game by literally adding extension hair to her eyebrows.

    It looks like she was on to something after all.

  5. Brow Bling

    A post shared by @glambyjulianne on

    Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful brow trend of the year. We love the look by @glambyjulianne.

    We can totally see this debuting down the aisle at an over-the-top wedding.

It is amazing how creative makeup artists can be. We just hope these art trends stay in front of the camera — not in the streets.

While were talking trends, could the next brow trend be bald brows? Let’s see if we predicted the next rave in beauty.

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo from left: amarieproctor via Instagram, Eros via Instagram, lealeaross via Instargam)


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