Ayesha Curry Describes The Major Makeup Mistake She Committed When She Met Her Husband At 19

(Photo: CoverGirl)

Permissions obtained by Danielle Prescod/Chaunna Henry on 1/31/18

Ayesha Curry Describes The Major Makeup Mistake She Committed When She Met Her Husband At 19

"I mean,it couldn’t have been that bad. I guess he liked it”

Published January 31, 2018

(Photo: CoverGirl)

Permissions obtained by Danielle Prescod/Chaunna Henry on 1/31/18
(Photo: CoverGirl)

As the new face of CoverGirl, Ayesha Curry just added another job to her already impressive resume. Rounding out professional chef, wife, mother and author, she now assumes the title of spokeswoman for one of the most iconic makeup brands worldwide.

When I meet her for the first time, it’s on the 16th floor of a New York City hotel close to the Empire State Building. She’s seated wearing a pleated skirt and a modest pussy bow blouse, her arms and legs covered. But on her feet are a pair of bright green pumps. She smiles warmly and naturally.

When I sit down with her, I notice how striking but subtle her makeup is. She’s got a soft, smoky eye going with a bold blue swiped under the eyeline and a light coat of mascara. Frankly, she’s stunning so I can see why she has now been hired to represent the face of beauty.

Here, find out what she said in our chat — and, yes, we do talk about Riley and Ryan.

(Photo: CoverGirl)
Permissions obtained by Danielle Prescod/Chaunna Henry on 1/31/18
(Photo: CoverGirl)

BET: How does it feel to be a CoverGirl?

Ayesha: It’s crazy, it’s such an honor and just something I never thought would happen. You know I keep saying I’m not from a traditional entertainment industry background, and so to be one of the first girls as a CoverGirl to be from the food industry I think is so freaking cool and just so surreal for me. And then just as a mom being able to set this example for my daughters to let them know that they can you know have a family, pursue their dreams, and reach crazy, crazy goals and dreams, bucket list things like becoming a CoverGirl is awesome.

BET: What is your earliest memory of makeup?

Ayesha: I’ve been interested in [makeup] forever. Since I was a little girl I was like hoarding products at home even when I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup yet. [My mom] let me get my first lipstick when I was really little. It was this pink shade and it was actually CoverGirl. I doubt they even make the shade anymore it was like a frosty, pearly pink color but I was like my daughter’s age so around five. [My mom] really let me start wearing it when I turned about sixteen and I really started experimenting with like eyeliners and oh gosh I’m sure we all went through like the crazy blush phase.

BET: Did you ever have any makeup mishaps?

Ayesha: So, I went through this phase, I had braces for a really long time so I went through this phase where it was a Victoria’s Secret pink hoodie with like sparkles on the back but it was like bright orange and then I wore bright orange matching earrings, bright orange lipstick, and then I did like purple eyeliner and I looked ridiculous. But that’s actually like, I was nineteen at the time and that’s when I met my husband and I mean it couldn’t have been that bad. I guess he liked it but looking back at pictures I’m like “whoa.”

BET: Do you let your girls play in your makeup?

Ayesha: All the time and sometimes against my will! Sometimes they’ll go into my good stuff, like my new stuff and they’ll destroy it. But it’s fine, they’re having fun and they’re experimenting. It’s memory building. We just did it like two nights ago here in a hotel.

BET: Do they know what they are doing? Or is it chaos?

Ayesha: You know what’s crazy? It’s that thing again, [Riley] knows exactly where to put everything because of YouTube. So, she looked at me and was like “I’m a professional.” I was like, “OK!” [She] did everybody that was with me, their face, full face.

BET: How does having kids affect your beauty routine?

Ayesha: My kids aren’t in formal school yet, they’re not in elementary yet they’re at that one’s a kindergartener and then a preschooler. So, their school starts a little bit later so I get lucky. Usually I’ll put foundation on if I’m like going out on a date night or to a game or obviously for work. And then if I have added time like five extra seconds, like a bold lip. But other than that, most days I’m momming it so like that’s all I get.

BET: Do you ever leave the house without makeup?

Ayesha: I always have something on like there have been times when I’ve left the house without anything and those are the days that I’m regretful because I feel crazy, but usually I’ll have at least like my brows filled in and some mascara on.

BET: Does your level of fame make that difficult?

Ayesha: Yeah, these days, now it’s even hard to go to the drug store because my face is in there which is crazy to see but it’s so funny because I’m all done up in the pictures and I’m usually in a hoodie at the drugstore, my local drugstore. But it’s all fun, it’s exciting I’m not going to complain.

BET: Do you have any beauty advice that’s been passed down to you?

Ayesha: Less is more for sure, so knowing, you know, when to stop. So, a little bit I think goes a long way and you can make yourself look really fresh and natural I love the makeup “no makeup” look for like your everyday so I love that. [My grandma] and my mom have the softest skin, I didn’t inherit that I have my dad’s like thick skin. They have the softest, softest skin and they’ve always used drugstore products which is really cool, they’ve used CoverGirl and they swear by it and their skin is like so soft so you don’t need expensive things.

BET: Do you have any beauty advice to give yourself?:

Ayesha: My best beauty advice would be to not be afraid to try new things so if you’re at the store and you see a shade of lipstick that you think like, “I would never wear that” pick it up and like don’t be afraid to experiment with it. Because I feel like it’s such a form of expression you never know what mood you might be in that day, pop it on you could be a whole new woman.

BET: Speaking of expensive things, what is one thing you splurge on?:

Ayesha: Getting my brows done. This girl named @browsbycass on Instagram and she’s out of LA but she’ll travel to the Bay like once a month so I always wait that once a month to get my brows she does an amazing wax job and she does tint as well so I always get them tinted.


Written by Danielle Prescod

(Photo: CoverGirl)


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