See How Motherhood Inspired Kylie Jenner's Epic Make-Under

(Photo: Kylie Jenner via YouTube)

See How Motherhood Inspired Kylie Jenner's Epic Make-Under

Barefaced and breastfeeding? We'll take it!

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 5, 2018 / 02:26 PM

We've been waiting a hella long time to know whether or not the rumors of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy were true.

Yesterday, Kylie basically said "Sorry 4 The Wait" and made up for lost time by sharing an 11-minute video with fans that chronicled the past nine months of her life. And oh boy was it a roller coaster of emotions! Like, for Kylie and her family, obviously, but more importantly for us. We felt feelings. We cried tears. We...were touched? And no-one was more surprised than we were. 

But perhaps the only thing more surprising than getting in our feelings over Baby Trylie was Kylie's preggo aesthetic. Gone were the bright lip kits and iridescent eye shadows that Kylie Cosmetics has been known to produce — in their place, Kylie substituted a fresh-faced look.

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Whether it's the glow of her lingering youth or that which accompanies pregnancy, it's working for her! We've always been big fans of makeup-free Kylie and her toned-down preggo look allows her natural beauty to shine through. 

"I don't want to be a weirdo. I don't want to pull up with purple hair — I'm over it," Kylie said on Life of Kylie, the E! docuseries that aired last summer. Though fans may have not been sure what to make of this assertion at the time, it looks like Kyky's foreshadowing was right on the nose.  

Over the span of 11 minutes, Kylie & Co. take us along their nine month journey, which has just concluded with the birth of baby Trylie on February 1. In the tribute, Kylie is seen with both no makeup and more natural makeup than we've come to expect her in since her middle school days. 

Will Ky's no-makeup makeup look be the new cornerstone of Kylie Cosmetics? Only time will tell!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Kylie Jenner via YouTube)


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