Whoa! Meagan Good Upgrades Her Eyebrows With A $7K Hair Transplant

Whoa! Meagan Good Upgrades With A $7K Eyebrow Transplant

Whoa! Meagan Good Upgrades Her Eyebrows With A $7K Hair Transplant

The actress says she "destroyed" her brows at 19.

Published April 17, 2018

Forget a pencil or powder—Meagan Good wants her brows to be on fleek forever!

Last October, Meagan documented her journey of restoring her thin, over-plucked brows with the promise of showing off her results later down the line. See her original post below:

She went to world-renowned facial plastic surgeon from Dr. 90210 and Netflix's Celebrity Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Jason Diamond MD — most known for working his magic on  Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose — for the pricy procedure.

You might have heard of microblading — but brow transplants are a bit more advanced. According to Dr. Diamond’s website, “Eyebrow transplants are typically performed by removing hair from the back of the scalp. After hair is harvested, tiny angled incisions are made in the brow area, and the hairs are grafted into the hair follicles."

"An eyebrow transplant usually takes between two and three hours to perform, depending on the amount of hair that each patient needs transplanted. With the advanced transplantation methods that Dr. Diamond uses, patients can expect their results to be natural and long lasting.”


And of course, it’s not cheap. While it may vary by region, but RealSelf estimates a median cost of $7,500 for the average eyebrow transplant nationwide. Damn!

According to Allure, the healing process is similar to the one that follows getting a tattoo, with light bruising and some crusting of the skin. "Most patients look fine three days later, and within eight days the eyebrows look great," says New York City and Miami plastic surgeon Jeffrey Epstein.

He explains it takes about four months for the new hairs to begin to grow, and you can expect your results to reach maximum fullness after a year. The ideal candidate is someone who has overtweezed or who has genetically thin brows. However, Dr. Epstein says, it won't work for those who have medical conditions like alopecia.

Sounds like a major commitment, but if you had the coins would you go for it? Tells us in the comments below!

Written by Janell M. Hickman

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)


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