Rihanna Is Back With A Fenty Beauty Tutorial Video


Rihanna Is Back With A Fenty Beauty Tutorial Video

She perfects the “no makeup, makeup” look!

Published April 27, 2020

Written by Tira Urquhart

Rihanna is back with a new Fenty Beauty video that we never knew we needed.

We’re already obsessed with her Fenty Beauty line, but this Summer Fenty Face Makeup tutorial has us loving it even more. 

The latest video features the new Cheeks Out Cream Blushes and Cream Bronzers, which will have us looking sun-kissed and fresh-faced once we’re out of quarantine. 

RiRi talks into the camera just like a popular beauty blogger giving us the details on how to get the perfect “no makeup, makeup,” look which she also calls the Summer Fenty Face. 

In the 4-minute clip, she gives step-by-step instructions on how to apply the new blush and bronzer from the collection. Starting with her cheeks and moving on to her forehead with her bronzer brush Rihanna jokingly says, “When I get to my forehead, I really go in, because I have a big forehead.” She continues blending the bronzer into her flawless skin adding, “This is perfect if you’re on the beach or wake up next to your man and want to look like you don’t have on makeup, shh” she says while winking at the camera. 

The beauty mogul laughs with her manager, Jenn, who can be seen in the background, about the cream bronzer not giving off a greasy finish. “Who likes grease?” Rihanna playfully asks. “You know I don’t play that,” she says as she proceeds to blend her makeup.

Rihanna uses the Hunnie Glaze shade to match her skin tone, “It’s giving me this dew, this glow, this natural summertime finish.” 

She finishes up with the Amber shade cream blush for the perfect contour. Like a professional beauty influencer, she continues with Petal Poppin cream blush and Summertime Fine, which gives a rosy finish and applies a flattering plum hue to her cheeks and lips. 

The Grammy-winning artist finishes the look by penciling in her eyebrows and adding lip gloss. She jokingly says to the camera, “I’m beach ready or booty call ready.”

Watch the full video below. 

(Photo: James Devaney/GC Images)


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