See Nicki Minaj Slay On EM In Her Latest Campaign

(Photo: H&M)

See Nicki Minaj Slay On EM In Her Latest Campaign

The rapper is officially a model now.

Published November 9th

"Twisted fiction, sick addiction / Well gather round children  / Zip it listen!"

This may be how Nicki Minaj introduced Kanye's legendary MDBTF album, but her "Dark Fantasy" verse also perfectly pairs with her new campaign for H&M's holiday campaign.

For H&M's holiday 2017 collection, Ms. Minaj stars in a fantasy-laden campaign alongside Grey's Anatomy hunk Jesse Williams. The two play parental units to an on-screen daughter, in which Williams begins reciting a fairytale in the clip. The short film, in full, is due out November 28.

(Photo: H&M)
(Photo: H&M)

“I love the film's over all empowering message. I love seeing this young girl become the champion that lives in all of us. There's always magic in the air during the holidays,” Her Minajesty said in a press release. 

Nicki is also the star of H&M's holiday lookbook, lending her mug alongside top models such as Anna Ewers, MariaCarla Boscono, Ming Xi, Anders Haymard and Geron McKinley. 

Umm, how cute does she look on that swing??? We need to rip this campaign out of a magazine and hang it up on our wall ASAP. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the campaign video in its entirety, out later this month.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: H&M)


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