Black-Owned Lingerie Brand Accuses Victoria's Secret Of Blatantly Ripping Off Their Designs

Victoria's Secret

Black-Owned Lingerie Brand Accuses Victoria's Secret Of Blatantly Ripping Off Their Designs

This isn't the first time the mega-retailer has been accused as such.

Published August 17th

A Black-owned lingerie brand is accusing Victoria's Secret of stealing its designs after spotting similar items on the mega brand’s website. Edge o’Beyond, claims that a Victoria’s Secret employee purchased inventory as a way to likely inform the design process of the pieces in question.

Edge o’ Beyond founder, director, and designer Naomi De Haan posted images to social media showing the direct comparison of the designs, and we must say, they look similar.

“Heartbroken to see that @victoriassecret have ripped us off. Details in slides. Featuring our Daisy + Sally ranges,” read the caption on their Instagram post. 

An Instagram post by Diet Prada — an account known for calling out similar instances of alleged rip-offs in the fashion industry — explains that the particular order was around $1,500 worth of merchandise from Edge o’ Beyond’s Daisy range. The receipt, dated back to March 2019, reveals a full name that the Creative Operations Coordinator happens to share.

“I think it is terrible that huge corporations like VS are stealing from small independent businesses like mine, especially during the era of [Black Lives Matter], preying on an independent black business when they have a huge team of designers to hand,” De Haan writes. “They have acted so unethically and immorally.”

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Troubled lingerie retailer and repeat offender @victoriassecret refuses to just go out of business in peace, and instead seems intent on keeping up to their old tricks ’til the very end. Recently, two panty styles popped up on the VS site, both featuring distinct similarities to signature elements from Black-owned lingerie brand @edgeobeyond . The UK-based brand's ‘Daisy’ range includes floral embroidered trim that cuts across the hip, illusion netting folded over a black elastic edge, and small gold rings to attach their signature chain additions, all of which appear to have been mimicked on VS's two styles. A search through Edge O' Beyond's order history revealed an £1150 order in March 2019 for items from the Daisy range, and a few additional styles, from a customer who shares a full name with the Creative Operations Coordinator at VS. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ "Seeing someone as big as Victoria's Secret, during the era of BLM, preying on an independent black business and then using predominantly brown and black prison labour to copy our products was a HUGE slap in the face" said Edge O' Beyond founder Naomi De Haan. Apparently, she's not the only Black designer to land on VS's radar either. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Yesterday, Destiney Bleu, founder and designer of LA-based @dbleudazzled , noticed a suspicious discrepancy on an order. It was for a bra and panty both in size S, but two different rhinestone colors, and another lone bra in an XL, the last unit of the style in stock. They also ordered the $300 "Celestial" skirt, a shorter version of one Beyoncé wears in Black is King. “My intuition told me today to google the name of this large order,” Bleu said. “It’s standard practice... in case it’s fraud, or a stylist/influencer and we want to send any extra gifts or a note.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Searching the customer’s name on LinkedIn yielded a match with VS’s VP of design. The billing address also matched VS's corporate HQ, both of which we verified. Aware of the lingerie giant’s track record, Bleu cancelled the order, hopefully nipping the problem in the bud. Having faced myriad problems this past year, you’d think VS employees would have learned to make their LinkedIn pages private by now.

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Another Black-owned lingerie brand based in LA, Destiney Bleu, who recently designed a piece for Beyoncé, has recently made similar claims against the corporation, after coming across a suspicious order. Diet Prada mentions that there was an embellished bra and panty set the was ordered but wouldn't be worn together because the crystals don't match. Come to find out it was an employee of VS who made the purchase. 

Hopefully all parties come to an agreement soon. 

Written by Tira Urquhart



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