See Inside Wiz Khalifa's Marijuana-Inspired Home He Chose For His Son

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See Inside Wiz Khalifa's Marijuana-Inspired Home He Chose For His Son

Get a virtual tour of the $16K-a-month pad.

Published July 17, 2018

"I don't bring people to my house," Wiz Khalifa confessed while showing off his Los Angeles Mediterranean-style home that he shares with his 5-year-old son, Sebastian.

The 30-year-old recently decided to give Architectural Digest an exclusive video tour of his residence, and it’s everything we expected—completely Kush inspired!

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The six-bedroom home, which he has been renting for $16,000 per month since 2016 boasts fabulous views, plenty of space for his son that he co-parents with Amber Rose, along with a studio, heated pool, and even a weed bar!  

“It was a really good area. We had a look around and I didn’t really want to be too far away from where I work and where I go to the gym and my son’s school," the Pittsburgh native explained about choosing his home. "It was a good area for me to have privacy.”

Besides privacy, he especially wanted to make sure his son had a place to play.

“He plays downstairs and he has a playroom upstairs with more books and educational stuff. There’s one downstairs with toys and one upstairs with books. The majority of the space in my house is for him, so the more areas where he can have to do his thing the better," the father of one shared.

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Khalifa’s favorite room? His bedroom: “It’s just got a nice view, but I don’t get to sleep in my bed a lot when I’m traveling and stuff like that. So if I’m home and not hanging out with my son, then I’m in bed.”

Watch Wiz give a virtual tour, which includes an exclusive view of his decorated weed bar that perfectly matches his $10K-a-month marijuana habit:

Written by Tweety Elitou


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