Jordyn Woods Talks About How She Coped With Losing Her Father And BFF Kylie Jenner

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: (L-R) Jordyn Woods and Jodie Woods attend UOMA Beauty Summer Party on August 10, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for UOMA Beauty)

Jordyn Woods Talks About How She Coped With Losing Her Father And BFF Kylie Jenner

The 21-year-old shares excerpts from her journal and says she leans on family now more than ever.

Published August 22, 2019

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

It’s no secret that Jordyn Woods’ life has been a whirlwind ever since the infamous Tristan Thompson kiss that spiraled into a full-blown social media-fed fuel between the 21-year-old and the KarJenners. Kylie Jenner’s former bestie is now opening to Teen Vogue about a self-care practice that she swears by—journaling. While the practice isn’t exactly groundbreaking, the 21-year-old says it’s journaling that has “saved” her.

Jordyn shared parts her journal with Teen Vogue, specifically an emotional passage from her late-father’s birthday earlier this year, coincidentally right before her sit-down with longtime family friend Jada Pinkett-Smith where she said her side of the cheating scandal.

 “February 27, ‘happy birthday dad,’” she reads from the journal. “It’s interesting, that’s right before Red Table Talk,” she said while getting tearing up over the pages. Mental health is something that Jordyn’s been extremely vocal about since she herself has struggled with her whole life from not looking the same as all her friends who fit perfectly into Abercrombie and Fitch clothes while she had to shop elsewhere, to her father’s death when she was just 19-years-old.

“I wish there was a course that everyone had to take,” Jordyn says about mental health. “We should open the conversation of mental health and start discussing it in classrooms, and among each other. Especially in the black community — that’s not something we talk about.”

She adds she wishes people knew that “it’s okay to not be okay.” She’s basically a pro now at keeping her mental health in check.

“When all this stuff happened, I stayed in and I started a lot of hobbies,” Jordyn says of how she spent her time after the incident at Tristan Thompson’s house. Her new hobbies? Doing puzzles and binge-watching Stranger Things, painting, playing the piano and then there was a crocheting phase which she wasn’t a fan of. She’s also making time for more movies since she’s caught the acting bug.

She’s also been blessed with a strong homebase, a loving momager, a little sister, Jodie, who primps her hair during the shoot for Teen Vogue, and a big brother who recently tattooed her forearm with her favorite quote. Jordyn's also found a budding new bestie in Megan Thee Stallion whose been preaching a self-love, self-care and overall self-empowerment movement all summer ’19.

“I love hot-girl summer but being a hot girl to me is about being intelligent too.”

So what was her response when asked if would she classify what happened between her and Kylie as a friend breakup? She hesitated before answering with her own question: “What’s the definition of a breakup?” She searches her phone and gets this: “The separation or breaking up of something into several pieces or sections. The end of a relationship.”

“Those are the two things. What I’d ask is, 'Does anything really end? Or is it a cycle?'”

“The toughest breakup I had to go through was losing my father,” she continues. “Everything doesn’t feel as intense as that. Losing my dad prepared me for everything that happens in life, and… life has thrown some really crazy things at me. That’s part of the process.”

(Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for UOMA Beauty)


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