EXCLUSIVE: New Group Ceraadi Discusses The Inspiration Behind Their Fashion And Beauty


EXCLUSIVE: New Group Ceraadi Discusses The Inspiration Behind Their Fashion And Beauty

This dynamic sister duo is on the rise!

Published 2 weeks ago

Written by Zemirah Moffett

If you aren’t familiar with this dynamic duo, Saiyr and Emaza are sisters, better known as Ceraadi. This girl group is one of the hottest things this Hot Girl Summer. They are the fresh faces of care-free fun, encompassing a '90s type of vibe. They do it all, from dancing and singing to constantly going viral on the gram and vloging about beauty, music and more.

Ceraadi recently signed to Roc Nation and have partnered with Savage x Fenty as ambassadors. You may recall seeing them in their element dancing together at the annual Roc Nation Brunch. These ladies are on the rise and definitely a group to keep an eye out for!

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BET caught up with Ceraadi to discuss their eccentric style, being influencers, beauty, music and more!

BET: What inspires your care-free style?

Saiyr: We are so busy and on the go. It’s kinda like whatever you see, grab it, throw it on and wish that it looks good.

Emaza: When we do go shopping, if we see something, it’s like, I ain’t got no type. Crazy clothes is what I like.

Saiyr: I like more of the tomboy, comfy, sporty, the nostalgic '90s-but-still-modern look.

Emaza: I like edgy. I can be flashy, or a little vibe. Maybe monochromatic or something that just expresses my personality.

Saiyr: We definitely love accent pieces like gold hoops. Hoop gang or don’t bang. Nose rings, lashes.

Emaza: I had like big ole’ hoops during our video shoot, and I fell, and I landed right on it. It made my ear bleed, so I’m just taking a break. Otherwise, I would have had big hoops on right now.

BET: Does your fun style play a role in how you conceptualize your music?

Saiyr: Definitely. Being a visual group, you have to have your statement pieces. 

Emaza: Especially for merch. A lot of our fans are like, "I want to wear what you guys have," so it’s a plus for our music, too. We can implement it when we write songs. We could play with the whole hoops situation, or we wear crocs, so we might say, “Croc it or stop it.” We did say it in “Active," one of our songs.

Saiyr: It's whatever the mood of the song is. For “Heartbroken,” which feels more girly and vulnerable, we may do some pastels, crop tops, corsets, whatever plays along with it.

BET: So, what is up with the Crocs, cause I have noticed that is definitely what everybody is doing now.

Emaza: Crocs are truly comfortable. We actually perform in them sometimes, cause it has a little grip on it. The grip in the back where you can, like... I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like a little latch thing.

Saiyr: It’s like a strap.

Emaza: A strap, there we go. The strap in the front means leisure, the strap in the back means party time.

BET: OK, and you guys, like, dance in these?

Both: Yes!

Saiyr: We like to be daring when it comes to our style. So we like to take stuff that people think, “Oh, this is corny, or this is wack,” and we like to make it pop. A lot of our fans are like, “You guys really put me on to crocs,” and you can actually customize them with jibbetz or a little Star Wars piece, Toy Story or zodiac.

Emaza: You can spell out your name.

BET: Yeah, I noticed a lot of young people are starting to wear them now, and I’m like, where did this come from? In the “Loyal” video, I noticed you guys have on a black-and-white tribal piece. I loved it. Was that a custom design?

Emaza: Theez actually styled us.

Saiyr: She brought in pieces and we pick and chose, and we felt like that one showed our bond -- and sisterhood. It stood out.

BET: That was really dope and one of my favorites. You guys have a YouTube, and it’s very successful. I even notice that some of your fans do videos trying to match your looks, which is pretty cool. How do you think your social media plays a role in your success?

Emaza: I think it has a lot to do with it. That’s how we are able to be seen by companies like Savage x Fenty or Forever 21, but I feel like we are leading our fans in a positive direction, making them feel comfortable to wear whatever. If we can feel comfortable in Crocs and not be ashamed, a lot of these girls are like, “I can wear a crop top no matter my size, or I can wear baggy jeans and not be called certain words.” We like to dress guy-ish one day and be really feminine and express our body shapes, whether it’s curvy or, I call myself “the skinny legend.” I gotta rep for the skinny girls. I think it plays a big part. 

Saiyr: Especially, because we are like the typical everyday girl, our body type is not really presented in fashion and editorial type of stuff. We did a campaign with Forever 21 and KSwiss, it’s going to be in Time Square. I’m really excited. But even with our hairstyles, too, a lot of girls cut their hair off. They’d say, “I wanted to do it, and you made me just chop it off and dye it a bunch of colors.”

BET: What inspired your blonde look? 

Saiyr: My mom used to dye her hair a lot and I kept bugging her to dye my hair and I was like, "You know what, I need to learn how to do it." So I’ve had every single color, but blonde was my favorite. I dye and finger wave it myself.

BET: Really? You should probably do a tutorial.

Saiyr: I did, it’s on YouTube.

Emaza: A lot of girls they will take pictures and tag Saiyr and say, “I recreated it because I watched your YouTube video,” so once again, social media is playing a really big part.

BET: So a little bit about your music: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Emaza: That’s crazy, cause we just said that earlier today. You want to let them know?

Saiyr: We said Maroon 5Chris Brown and Travis Scott.

BET: I can definitely see a Chris Brown and Travis Scott.

Emaza: I feel like Normani would be hard, too.

BET: Oh yeah, she is pretty dope, too. And what about a clothing line or designer, if you could do a collaboration, who would it be with?

Saiyr: We love Urban Outfitters, maybe we’d collab with them. Are you talking on a more high end?

BET: Any designer.

Saiyr: We love Forever 21, we always rock their clothes.

Emaza: Pacsun, Zumiez, Nike, Puma. High end? Louis Vuitton.

BET: What is your signature go to look, in terms of hair and makeup? 

Emaza: I like the long nails, I don’t have my lip gloss today because I lost it, but it’s really like, warm, bronze-y, kinda like a '90s matte look, and my hair is wild curly. It’s really simple, like a soft glam. I like big lashes though, sometimes I like it simple, then I like it really extra.

BET: What’s your favorite brand of lipsticks right now, or lip gloss, you said a matte '90s look?

Emaza: OK, so right now I have the Huda Beauty matte one.

BET: She’s one of my faves too.

Emaza: I actually really like the coverage on it, but I do like “Hour Glass” satin lip, it’s the nude #2. I like a nice brown lip liner, Nyx or Mac or whatever. Lip gloss, I just take anything. The best ones are at the beauty supply store.

BET: They really are.

Emaza: Clear, coated on top, and it has the coco in there, the shea butter.

Saiyr: My style, makeup, I love TooFaced because it smells like chocolate and candy, but the coverage just lasts long, especially with the “Skinny Dip.” I like crop tops, baggy jeans, because I like to just be everywhere. I might be playing tag, I might be sitting down eating food, it doesn’t matter, or a crewneck type of thing, something real simple.

BET: Do you guys have a favorite YouTuber that you would like to collab with?

Emaza: We love gamers.

Saiyr: They’re really funny, it’s these boys who do skits. I don’t know their names.

Emaza: It’s like RDCWorld I think. It’s a group of guys who do, like, Anime skits, and we love De’arra and Ken, we met them. They are amazing too, and maybe Desi Perkins can teach us some makeup skills.

Saiyr: I mostly watch gamers.

BET: How did you ladies become Savage x Fenty Ambassadors, and what does that mean to you?

Saiyr: Well, being signed to Roc Nation, we got the plug.

Emaza: Shout out to Jay Brown, but I think half of it was he really believed in us and thought we were fit for the brand, but we had a natural influence and we have a million followers on Instagram. We already rocked her makeup, and so they hit us up like, “You want to collab?” Obviously, you have to maintain, and they have to see what you are doing, and obviously we’re doing what’s right to them, so they want to continue.

Saiyr: We bring in a different audience, with our fans.

BET: What do you guys think about the influencer market now since they are saying it’s oversaturated and that these influencers aren’t real influencers. I mean, you ladies have 1.7 million and you’re musicians, but what do you think of that whole debacle?

Emaza: I feel like everyone has always been an influence. Especially back in the day with, like, MC Hammer. He was the first, like, rapper to have, like, Pepsi, and his own doll. But no one was really thinking that was cool, now people are really getting income. I feel like there’s people who naturally have it, and there’s some people who use it just to, like, get money.

Saiyr: I feel like it’s a good and a bad thing. I feel it’s more of a good, though because there is a billion people out there in the world and somebody can get some confidence and reach out to a certain group of people who need that, need that type of help and influence, cause as kids we don't always have confidence, but there's that one gamer that helps them, and now they're more outspoken. I think that’s cool. Especially with these memes and everything, they can get you through a lot.

Emaza: Especially with style, as well. You can rock a Dickie outfit, say, like Travis Scott or Billie Eilish. She’s, like, really influential to a lot of these girls. Then you get a swarm of people dressing the same way.

BET: So what are you hoping that your legacy will be? I mean, you girls are just getting started, but what are you hoping for five, 10 years from now?

Saiyr: We want to be the spunky girls that are not afraid to do anything and can rock anything. A lot of people tell us you guys can rock trash bags and still look good. I hope that’s the case, and I want people to just look at us like.

Emaza: Definitely care-free, relatable and make people want to be themselves more.


Editor's note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

(Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)


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