Black Woman Finds Out Her White Boyfriend Is Racist By Reading His Group Chat

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Black Woman Finds Out Her White Boyfriend Is Racist By Reading His Group Chat

We are not only disgusted, but also speechless.

Published June 2nd

Written by BET Staff

A Black woman dropped many jaws on Twitter when she screenshotted text messages she reportedly found between her white boyfriend and his friends.

In the shocking screenshotted correspondence, it would appear that her boyfriend was a horribly blatant racist.  

“So I’ve been talking to this white guy for a few months now. I gave my all to this man fr…come to find out, he’s been racist this whole time. THIS is how he talks about me to his friends,” she wrote on Twitter. “Smfh I can’t make this sh*t up. I—I have no words.”

Due to the number of racial slurs and derogatory language in the group text messages, we have written a censored version of the conversation.

 “Holy f*ck,” said the boyfriend’s friend.

The boyfriend responded, “Sorry not sorry, but I have this black girl over again…and everytime she says something stupid as f*ck I want to call her the N word lol. Is that bad? Or is she just acting her part?”

“This stays between all of us,” the boyfriend added. “I really want to call this girl the n word and have her leave…is that wrong? I swear wtf.”

On the same day he continued, “The f*cking girl!!! I swear! Back in the 20’s when my grandfather would have owned her. Bro…the disrespect right now…whipped hands down. F*ck black women.”

“Wtf I love it hahaha,” another friend responded. “But forreal f*ck black women lol.”

“Bro…this black girl…I don’t know if I can keep having her come over…got into a debate about ‘black lives matter’ vs ‘all lives matter,” the boyfriend said in another text message. 

“I’m about to make another statistic about how white men abuse black women lol! This f*cking girl is dumb as a bag of rocks. My drunk a** can’t handle this shi*t. If you see me on the news just now your heads lol jk.”

It is unclear how the girlfriend obtained the disturbing text messages, but we are definitely at a loss for words. 

We wish this woman good luck with finding her true love. 

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