#Unboxed Vol. 26: Sarz Is Stepping Into The Forefront After Global Success ‘Monalisa’ Accomplished

The Nigerian producer is slated to drop his debut solo album after creating hits for Wizkid, Skepta, and many others.

#Unboxed Vol. 25: Uncle Waffles Is An Amapiano Superstar Setting A Unique Tone and History in the Process

The Eswatini-born DJ and producer is already a multi-platinum and BET Award-nominated artist despite only creating original music for under two years.

#Unboxed Vol. 24: Ta-Ku’s New Album ‘Songs To Come Home To’ Is Proof Positive Why Music Has Always Been His First Love

On Friday, the Australian multi-hyphenate producer released his first album in over seven years, and he hasn’t lost a step.

#Unboxed Vol. 23: Fever 333 Has A New Outlook But Remains Fighting The Good Fight

The Inglewood, California-based rock band’s recently released single “$wing” is a shining example of what’s to come with their new alignment.

#Unboxed Vol. 22: Berhana Is Employing His Heritage And Familial Givings In His Latest Musical Triumph

The Atlanta native also nods to an African Olympic hero via his new single.

#Unboxed Vol. 21: Gregory Hutchinson’s Upcoming Debut Album Is A Masterclass In Drumming To One’s Own Beat

The Brooklyn-born drummer has played with Common, Karriem Riggins and James Poysner, but now he’s focused on his own creation.

#Unboxed Vol. 20: Projexx’s Musical Lineage Provided A Spark, But His Creativity Gave Him A Career In Music

The Jamaican-born Dancehall artist is looking to further breakout with his newest project ‘GRIM TAPE VOL. 2’.

#Unboxed Vol. 19: Lord Afrixana’s Written For Beyoncé, But Now He’s Ready To Let His Songwriting Shine Through His Own Artistry

The Massachusets resident, by way of Ghana, is slated to release his debut major label EP early next month.

#Unboxed Vol. 18: Circle The Earth Came From All Walks Of The Globe To Forage A Sound As Different As They Are

The multigenre quintet discusses their latest EP ‘Hey, Goodbye’ and how their unique backgrounds give them a musical advantage.

The Future of Black Music: Experimental, Genre-Defying Artists

We look into those who create outside of the box for our last Black Music Month Feature.

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Carlos Santana’s daughter also discusses meeting Lauryn Hill when she was a child, personal growth, and why she loves New York.