Brooklyn Pastor Arrested For Raping His Teenage Daughter On Church Grounds

Matthew Gibson has been charged with criminal sexual abuse.

Father And Daughter Arrested For Incest After She Gives Birth To A Baby Who Died Soon After

Katlyn Edwards and James Brown's child died soon after.

Wife Of Ex-Falcons Player Catches Him Standing With Erection Over 12-Year-Old Female Family Member

Justin Crawford faces felony charges of incest and sodomy.

Wife Of Man Who Impregnated Their Teenage Daughter Says He 'Deserves The Death Penalty'

Shannon St. Andre detailed the incestual abuse.

Man Charged with Sexual Abuse and Incest After Fathering the Baby of His 20-Year-Old Daughter

Gregory St. Andre said he only gave her a cup of his semen.

Father Who Had Sex with And Married His Own Daughter Confessed to Killing Her and Their Baby

Steven Pladl confessed his killing to his mother.

Woman Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With Her Brother Arrested After Giving Birth To His Baby

Pauline Martin had a baby with "severe medical problems."

42-Year-Old Man And His 20-Year-Old Daughter Charged With Incest For Having A Sexual Relationship Resulting In A Baby When She Was 18

Katie Pladl found her biological parents on social media.

Woman Pleads Guilty To Incest For Marrying Her Biological Mother After Child Welfare Worker Discovered Relationship

Patricia Ann Spann was previously married to her son.

Olympic Hopeful Boxer Speaks Out About Incest and Sexual Abuse

Quanitta "Queen" Underwood's bravery is inspiring.