Kanye West Accused Of Discriminating Against Black Employees

A former employee alleges, in the lawsuit, that the rapper asked him to cut off his dreads and constantly berated him at work.

Judge Rules That Texas School District's Suspension of Darryl George Over Length of His Locs Did Not Violate CROWN ACT

Darryl George, an 18-year-old student at Barbers Hill High School was first suspended from regular classes on Aug. 31, because he did not comply with the dress code.

Black New Jersey Teen Banned From Playing In Basketball Game Over Hair, Despite State's CROWN Act

The girl tied her hair up three times but was still refused entry into the game by referees.

President of Illinois NAACP Apologizes After Making Incendiary Remarks About Migrants

Because of her controversial comments, Teresa Hailey was asked to resign as president of the civil rights organization

Stanford, UCLA Part Of Group Of Schools Under Investigation For Discrimination

Antisemitism and Islamophobia have increased on college campuses, the Biden administration says.

Survey: Black Americans Expect To Encounter Racism At Doctor's Office

Participants in the study said their requests were routinely dismissed and were often denied pain medicine.

Black Pasadena Police Officer Claims She Was Unfairly Relieved of Duty, Files Discrimination Lawsuit

The litigation stems from a February 20 incident where the officer stepped-in to de-escalate a heated exchange between a fellow officer and a suspect.

Pittsburgh Juneteenth Celebration Organizers Accuse City, State Of Discrimination

Organizers allege that officials are seeking to sabotage the celebration by issuing last-minute security requirements for the event,

California Reparations Task Force Set To Vote On Recommendations This Weekend

The group is considering several areas of inequality that has stemmed from systemic racism.

Rev. Al Sharpton Threatens Action Against McDonald's Over Racial Discrimination

The fast food chain had been sued by several Black franchise owners for persistent racial bias.