NFL Reveals Its Legal Defense Against Coach Brian Flores' Race Discrimination Lawsuit

The league denies the accusations and argues that the suit has no legal merit.

Lawsuit Alleges Kansas Community College Tried To Get Rid Of Its Black Student-Athletes

According to the court filing, Highland Community College’s president allegedly praised Hitler as “a great leader.”

Opinion: Brian Flores’ Shocking Lawsuit Shows That Football’s A Sport, But This Isn’t A Game

The former Miami Dolphins head coach’s suit is justified, given the comparisons of winning Black coaches who were fired and losing white coaches who kept their jobs.

Supreme Court To Hear Two Critical Challenges To Affirmative Action Involving Harvard And University of North Carolina

The long-standing diversity promoting practice comes under the most scrutiny it has seen in years.

California Investigates Google’s Treatment Of Black Women Employees

Black women are leaving the company at higher rates than other racial-gender groups.

Lawsuit Accuses D.C. Police Department Of Discrimination Against Black Women Officers

This is the third lawsuit against the department in recent months.

Black Job Applicant Sues Company That Required Him To Trim His Locks

His lawsuit appears to be the first test of a California law to protect natural hairstyles.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered App Helps Homebuyers In Communities Of Color Avoid Discrimination

Home Lending Pal collects data that puts a homebuyers financial information up front and prevents banks and mortgage lenders from seeing information like race and gender.