Black Couple Reaches Settlement After White Friend Receives Higher House Valuation

A $500,000 increase in appraisal was given to the friend; the couple cites discrimination in lawsuit.

White Law Student Sues Howard University For Alleged Racial Discrimination

Michael Newman is seeking $2 million in damages and claims he endured a ‘hostile environment’ at the HBCU, but Howard plans a ‘vigorous defense.’

City National Bank Settles Racial Bias Complaint In L.A. County Home Loans

Federal prosecutors accused the bank of redling in majority-Black and Latino neighborhoods.

Mississippi Environmental Regulator Denies NAACP's Jackson Water Discrimination Claim

Mississippi’s ‘racist funding policies’ are at the root of the majority-Black city’s water crisis, says the civil rights organization.

Black Residents Of Metro Atlanta Town And Film Studio File Housing Discrimination Lawsuit

Trilith ‘gives lip service’ to its claims of being racially inclusive, the plaintiffs’ lawyer says.