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George Zimmerman Acquittal 10 Years Later: 5 Things That Have Happened Since Then

Trayvon Martin’s family emerged from the trauma to use their powerful platform for advocacy.

George Zimmerman Lawsuit Against Trayvon Martin’s Parents Thrown Out By Judge

The Florida neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed the teen in 2012 accused them of trying to “destroy his goodwill and reputation.”

George Zimmerman Sues Family Of Trayvon Martin And Others For $100 Million

He’s accusing the family of engineering false testimony.

Exposed: Screengrabs Of The Fake Tinder Profile George Zimmerman Used To Look For ‘Carefree Fun’

This is the third time Trayvon Martin’s killer was banned.

The #BeyHive Reacts To George Zimmerman's Threats To Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Oh, hell naw!

Snoop Dogg Has A Few Choice Words For George Zimmerman

GZ threatened Jay-Z and it's not going unanswered.

George Zimmerman Threatens Jay-Z, Says 'I Know How To Handle People Who F**k With Me'

It was in reference to Hov's forthcoming documentary.

George Zimmerman Kicked Out of Bar for Screaming 'N****r Lover'

He's claiming a Black man assaulted him.

Watch: The Florida Man Who Shot at George Zimmerman Was Convicted for Attempted Murder

The justice system at work for Trayvon Martin's killer.