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George Zimmerman Sues Family Of Trayvon Martin And Others For $100 Million

He’s accusing the family of engineering false testimony.

Exposed: Screengrabs Of The Fake Tinder Profile George Zimmerman Used To Look For ‘Carefree Fun’

This is the third time Trayvon Martin’s killer was banned.

The #BeyHive Reacts To George Zimmerman's Threats To Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Oh, hell naw!

Snoop Dogg Has A Few Choice Words For George Zimmerman

GZ threatened Jay-Z and it's not going unanswered.

George Zimmerman Threatens Jay-Z, Says 'I Know How To Handle People Who F**k With Me'

It was in reference to Hov's forthcoming documentary.

George Zimmerman Kicked Out of Bar for Screaming 'N****r Lover'

He's claiming a Black man assaulted him.

Watch: The Florida Man Who Shot at George Zimmerman Was Convicted for Attempted Murder

The justice system at work for Trayvon Martin's killer.

Listen: Full Details Behind Restaurant Patron Who Punched George Zimmerman for Talking About Trayvon Martin

Hopefully he got a free meal for this.

Another Low: You Won't Believe What George Zimmerman Has to Say About Trayvon in New Interview

His comments will make your skin crawl.