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President Joe Biden’s Campaign Uses Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Euphoria’ Diss Against Donald Trump

President Biden's campaign adopts Lamar's 'Euphoria' lyrics to sharply critique Donald Trump, transforming a hip-hop feud into a political statement on women's rights and immigration.

Black Male Voters: Will They Decide the 2024 Election?

Seemingly overlooked in previous cycles, this time a party that repeats that does so at their peril.

Opinion: Black Folks and the White House’s 2024 Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

It’s political cuffing season and what the Biden Admin has done for African Americans lately is clear, but somehow there’s a messaging gap making everything fuzzy. Commentator Richard Fowler explains.

VP Kamala Harris Says She Is ‘Scared as Heck’ of a Trump Election Victory

The vice president expressed her concerns during an appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’

Barack Obama Expresses Concern Over 2024 Election Outcome As Presidential Race Tightens

People close to the former president say he sees the urgency of fighting against the Trump political machine.

Harry Dunn, U.S. Capitol Officer Who Fought Rioters Jan. 6, Running For Congress

The Presidential Citizens Medal recipient seeking the vacant seat of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District.

Michelle Obama Says She's 'Terrified' of Possible Outcome of the 2024 Election

The former First Lady said that the divisive nature of the political scene ‘keeps her up at night.’

Biden Blasts White Extremism, Seeks to Solidify Black Support in Speech at Charleston’s Historic Mother Emanuel AME

Ahead of the South Carolina primary, the president seeks voter backing in the place he first got it four years ago.

Biden Losing Support Among 2024 Black Voters, Survey Shows

A troublesome narrative for the Biden-Harris team says Black voters are straying from the fold.

5 Democratic Or Independent 2024 Presidential Candidates Challenging Joe Biden

The president has the inside track on the party’s nomination, but independents could siphon votes in November.