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Watch: Police Dragged a Woman by the Wrists off Delta Airlines Flight for 'Not Complying With Boarding Procedures'

And many wonder why they allowed Trump supporter to fly.

Watch: Teen Pulls a Too Long Con on Her Boyfriend, Fakes Pregnancy With Triplets for 10 Months

Here's what she used and how she got discovered.

Sad: The Striking Image of an Abandoned Detroit Dog Loyally Waiting by Its Family's Belongings

Boo the pit bull was left on the street for over a month.

Detroit’s Retirees Vote to Accept Lower Pensions

City could emerge from bankruptcy by end of the year.

Judge: Detroit Eligible for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

The ruling came after a nine-day trial.
Racial Discrimination: Mount Holly v. Mount Holly Citizens in Action

Once Again, Detroit Talks About Removing Abandoned Buildings

A prominent developer want to remove blight in the city.

Federal Judge Bars Challenges to Detroit’s Bankruptcy Filing

City employees may not be guaranteed their pensions.