Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris Drops Kendrick Lamar ‘Not Like Us’ Reference

The VP is serious about getting people out to vote!

Here's What President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris Have Done For The Black Community

With the election five months away, we take a look at their accomplishments.

President Joe Biden Awarded Honorary Degree From Morehouse College

During his speech, the President spoke about the Morehouse tradition and his first-term accomplishments that have benefited Black Americans.

Trump Plans to Court Black Voters with Celebrity-Led Campaign Push

In a bid to win over African American voters, former President Donald Trump is reportedly aligning with hip-hop artists and athletes, planning major events in key cities, despite the lack of a cohesive engagement strategy.

GloRilla Has An Emotional Response To a Message From Her Father

Edwin C. Woods, the Memphis rapper's dad, surprised with a lovely tribute during her appearance on the "Tamron Hall Show."

Fat Joe Commits To Support Haiti and Shares His Theory On the Country's Continued Struggles

The rap legend went on Instagram Live to give his take on the struggles facing the Caribbean nation.

GloRilla Talks Meeting President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris

The Memphis rapper was in attendance at the White House’s Women’s History Month reception.

Quavo Launches ‘SPARK Grants’ Program To Bring Awareness To Gun Violence

10 organizations in Atlanta will receive an award of $10,000 for their work to reduce gun violence and the winners will be announced on June 18th in honor of Takeoff’s birthday.