confederate flag

Mississippi State Senator Calls For Return Of Confederate-Themed Flag

The Confederate emblem was removed from the state flag in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

South Carolina Lawmaker Faces Backlash After Wearing Confederate Flag T-Shirt At Event For Black And Hispanic Kids

Activists demand an immediate public apology or his resignation.

Black Man Convicted by Jury Deliberating in Courtroom Named and Decorated With Confederate Images To Get New Trial

he jury trying Tim Gilbert’s deliberated with Jefferson Davis’ portrait and antique confederate memorabilia in the background.

North Carolina Will No Longer Issue Confederate Flag License Plates

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are outraged.

Man Pictured Carrying Confederate Battle Flag In Capitol Riot Is Arrested With Son

Kevin and Hunter Seefried face several federal charges.

Thousands Sign Petitions For Chadwick Boseman Memorial To Replace Confederate Monument In His Hometown

People want to honor the actor in this monumental way.

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill To Remove Confederate Symbol From Flag

“This is not a political moment, it is a solemn occasion.”

Vic Mensa’s Political ‘3 Years Sober’ Video Has The Internet Crashing And Burning

Transgender violence and police brutality make cameos.

Video Of White Man Defending Racist Confederate Flag Display With Red Lipped Black Mannequins

Here's what Louis Jones said when asked if he hates Blacks.

Viral Video Shows White Confederate Flag Supporter Say 'Do You Know How Much A Slave Cost' When Asked Who Worked His Family's Farm

The clip aired on HBO's "Last Week Tonight."