Tyre Nichols

Memphis Officials Release New Footage of Deadly Police Beating of Tyre Nichols

More than 21 hours of additional recordings of the fatal encounter was released on Jan.30.

Folding Chairs, Brutal Cops, Affirmative Action: The 2023 News Stories That Hit Different for Black America

The news through these last 12 months kept us glued to our television and cellphone screens, and we couldn’t stop talking about these stories.

Ex-Memphis Cops Get August Trial Date In Tyre Nichols Killing

One of the five officers changed his plea to guilty and could testify against the others.

Rev. Al Sharpton Says Guilty Plea of Ex-Memphis Cop Charged in Tyre Nichols is ‘Major Step’

Desmond Mills, Jr., admitted to violations of Nichols’ civil rights in the January death.

Ex-Memphis Cop Charged In Tyre Nichols' Death To Change Federal Plea

It’s a stunning reversal in a case that shocked the nation.

Memphis Mayor Elect Paul Young Defeated a Packed Field and Now Talks Vision For the City

In BET.com’s latest ‘Conversation With the Mayor’ the city’s new leader discusses how he wants Memphis to be the new “Black Metropolis.”

Tyre Nichols: Lawyer Alleges Stolen Items, Hallucinogenic Drug Found In Nichol’s Car

The unconfirmed claim was made in court documents by a lawyer for one of the five former Memphis officers charged with the deadly beating of Nichols.

4 Ex-Nashville Officers Plead Not Guilty In Tyre Nichols Death

The former cops face life sentences if convicted of charges in the four-count federal indictment.

5 Ex-Memphis Officers Involved In Tyre Nichols Beating Death Indicted On Federal Charges

The former officers also face second-degree murder charges in a state case.

Tennessee Prosecutor Drops More Than 30 Cases Connected to Former Officers in Tyre Nichols’ Death

The DOJ is investigating the Memphis Police Department for systemic violations targeting Black residents.

DOJ Opens Investigation Into Memphis Police Conduct, Months After Tyre Nichols' Death

‘Every person is entitled to constitutional and non-discriminatory policing,’ Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke says.