Black women

Ugandan Woman, 70, Gives Birth to ‘Miracle’ Twins, Becomes Oldest Mother in Africa

Safina Namukwaya delivered a girl and a boy via IVF. She also gave birth to a girl in 2020.

Backlash to Affirmative Action Hits Pioneering Maternal Health Program for Black Women

A San Francisco program that has benefited African American mothers is threatened by a lawsuit accusing it of being discriminatory.

Whoopi Goldberg Opens Up About Her Struggle with Endometriosis

“I didn’t know what was going on,” Goldberg shared.

Black Women, Breast Cancer and Financial Toxicity: Finding An Ally in a Daunting Fight

Breast Cancer and the accompanying money burdens are a struggle, but Michigan-based The Pink Fund is giving much needed help.

Study Shows Black Men More Positive About Local Policing Than Black Women

The researchers noted that Black women are disproportionately likely to be killed by police than other women.

Megan Thee Stallion's Pete and Thomas Foundation Partners with Southern Black Girls and Women's Consortium To Spotlight Wellness

he launch of the #BlackGirlJoyChallenge collaboration with the Grammy award-winning rapper aims to elevate young Black girls and gender-expansive youth in the southern United States.

Black Girl Day Off: A Time To Prioritize The Well-Being Of Black Women

The initiative shines a light on self-care and introspection.
Ben Crump on BET Buzz 2021.

Fearless Fund Hires Powerful Defense Team to Battle Conservative Lawsuit

The Black-woman-owned venture capital company is being sued by a conservative action group.