child sexual abuse

Memphis Police Say Tamara Marion Admits To Being Woman Seen Raping 4-Year-Old Boy In Online Videos

Marion faces charges of rape and sexual exploitation.

Tech 9 Reportedly Faced Child Sexual Assault Charges Before Death, Fans Suspect Suicide

The Philly rapper passed away last month.

Father Lets Girlfriend Rape His 11-Year-Old Autistic Son Because He Thought He Was Gay

Sean Cole and Khadeijah Moore face life in prison.

Jurors Brought To Tears During Trial Of Man Accused Of Raping 8-Year-Old Girl to Point of "Total Distortion" And Brutal Strangulation

Even the medical examiner choked up during her testimony.

Man Beaten By His Girlfriend And The Mother Of A 9-Year-Old Girl He Recorded Himself Molesting After They Found Video On His Tablet

George Avery was charged with sexual battery of a child.

Irate Mother Stabs Boyfriend 6 Times After Finding Him Naked On Top Of Her 12-Year-Old Daughter

The man allegedly sexually assaulting the 12-year-old.

The Disturbing Details of the Neurosurgeon Who Has Allegedly Been Raping Children Since 1997

Dr. James Kohut used two nurses to help him.

The Twisted Story of a Man Who Allegedly Planned to Rape a Newborn and the Mother Who Agreed to Let It Happen

Here's how police intervened and saved an innocent child.

Details Behind the Disturbing Case of a Teen Who Forced a 14-Year-Old to Have Sex With Over 26 Men for Money

Denise Coronado could face up to life in prison.

Mike Tyson Reveals He Was Sexually Abused As a Child

Boxing great recalls story of being violated at seven.