George Floyd Protesters Injured By Minneapolis Police Reach $600,000 Settlement

The dozen victims of excessive force suffered lasting physical and psychological effects from the police efforts to put down the peaceful protests.

ACLU And Others Sue Arizona Over Law Banning Video Recording Cops

‘This law is a blatant attempt to gut First Amendment protections,’ the Arizona ACLU says.
Black Girls Rock! honors Toni Morrison.

National Uproar and Lawsuit Prompt Missouri School Board to Reverse Ban On Toni Morrison Book

Missouri School Board Reverses Ban On Toni Morrison Book After Uproar

ACLU Claims Vermont School Failed To Protect Black Student

The complaint accuses the school of depriving a Black student “of her right to have a school environment free of racial discrimination.”

ACLU Claims 10-Year-Old Girl Was Arrested For Drawing A Picture Of Girl Who Bullied Her

She was reportedly taken into custody without her mom present.

Study Proves Customs and Border Police Claims of Racial Profiling

Michigan Customs and Border Patrol cops' lawsuit has merit

Colin Kaepernick Made An Appearance At The ACLU Of SoCal's Bill Of Rights Dinner And Gave This Short But Powerful Speech

He was also honored with the Courageous Advocate Award.

We've Got All the Details Behind Laverne Cox's #StandWithGavin Grammys Shout Out

Here's what you need to know about Gavin Grimm.

Fed Up With Trump's Muslim/Refugee Ban? Donate To These Organizations

Let your dollars do the talking.

Racist Fresno Bar Messed With the Wrong Two Women

They claim they were kicked out simply for being Black.