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Caribbean Nations To Formally Demand Reparations From Royal Family

King Charles has expressed ‘personal sorrow’ for slavery but hasn’t apologized.

Nigerian Court Remands Dozens To Prison After Attending Alleged Gay Wedding

The police raided a suspected same-sex ceremony and arrested more than 200 people.

Police To Prosecute 67 People Connected To Alleged Same-Sex Wedding In Nigeria

‘We are Nigeria, and we must follow the culture of this country,’ a Nigerian police spokesman says.

Ugandan Man Faces Death Penalty Under Harsh Anti-Gay Law

The White House has called for a repeal of the law that prompted the World Bank to suspend lending to the East African country.

Kenya Doomsday Cult Deaths Top 400 As More Bodies Are Exhumed From Grave

Investigators are searching for more mass graves with more than 600 followers of a controversial pastor reported missing.

France In Chaos Over Police Shooting Of 'Nahel', Grandmother Pleads For Peace

Systemic racism in France is at the root of the ongoing riots, expert says.

Explainer: What To Know About The Sudan Conflict That Created A Humanitarian Crisis

A power struggle between rival generals has devastated Africa’s third largest country.

Vigilantes In Haiti Having Impact On Rampant Gang Violence

Regular citizens are taking back the streets of the Haitian capital, human rights group says.

Kenyan Starvation Death Cult Toll Climbs To 201 With 600 Still Missing

As authorities exhume bodies and search for possible survivors, blame is pointed toward the leader of the group.

Opinion: Why Black People Should Be ‘Meh’ About The Coronation of King Charles III

Our obsession with the Royal Family doesn’t align with how the monarchy has historically treated us.