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How Bob Marley’s Message of Peace and Freedom United a Nation, If Only For One Night

It was only a short-lived moment in 1978, but only one person could attempt to heal a politically divided and broken nation.

Barbados Says It Is Owed $4.9 Trillion in Reparations For Slavery

King Charles has said ‘time has come’ for that conversation, but the U.K. government doesn’t want that discussion.

African, Caribbean Nations Agree To Pursue Reparations For Slavery

Delegates met in Ghana to form a ‘united front’ to pressure former European colonial powers.

Why Do We Continue to Ignore Humanitarian Crises in Black Countries?

Opinion: When thousands of innocent people die in Black countries, we shrug our collective shoulders.

UK Insurance Market Lloyd’s of London ‘Deeply Sorry’ For Role In Slave Trade

The corporate giant offers an apology and programs but no reparations.

United Nations Advisory Body Urges Reparations For People Of African Descent

The legacies of colonialism, enslavement and apartheid still exist today, the report says.

Human Rights Group Issues Demands To King Charles Ahead Of His Visit To Kenya

The king will acknowledge the ‘painful aspects’ of British colonial rule, but many Kenyans want more.

5.4. Magnitude Earthquake Hits Jamaica, Causing Alarm Around Island

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that no deaths, injuries, or severe damage had been reported.

Study: Anti-Black Racism On The Rise In European Union Nations, Led By Germany

‘It is shocking to see no improvement,’ says the E.U. agency that commissioned the survey.

Suspected Islamic State Linked Militants Kill 26 Civilians in Congo

Islamist fighters used machetes in their attack on civilians, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s army says.

Obama Says Israel Should Be Supported, But Warns Against Violating International Law

The former president defends Israel’s right to protect its citizens but urges attention to the worsening humanitarian crisis.