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Prince Charles Says ‘Slavery Was An Atrocity’ As Barbados Becomes Republic

As the nation officially exits British rule, it also honored its most famous native, Rihanna.

London Police Officers Fired For Calling Two Slain Black Women 'Dead Birds'

They previously admitted to taking and sharing photos of the women.

South Africa Denounces Travel Bans As Unfair Consequence Of Alerting World To New COVID-19 Variant

South African says it’s paying a price for being the first country to identify the omicron variant.

Barbados Scheduled To Remove Queen Elizabeth II As Head of State

The tiny Caribbean island will become an independent republic starting at midnight on Monday, November 30.

F.W. De Klerk, Final South African President To Lead Under Apartheid, Dies At 85

Although criticized for once being a part of the racist regime, he was also praised for helping to end it.

White House Advises Americans To Leave Haiti Amid Hostage Crisis, Instability

17 Christian missionaries have been held hostage for more than three weeks.

Jamaican Lawmaker Calling For Queen Elizabeth To Be Removed As Head Of State

Mark Golding, leader of the People’s National Party (PNP), addressed the Parliament.

Miss England, Miss Ireland Face Racism After Their Wins

Pamela Uba and Rehema Muthamia are clapping back after undergoing bigotry while wearing their crowns.

Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry and Security Were Run Off From State Event By Gangs

Meanwhile, a huge ransom is demanded for kidnap victims.

Notorious Gang Blamed For Kidnapping 17 Missionaries In Haiti

They were visiting an orphanage.

Olympic Distance Runner Agnes Tirop Found Stabbed To Death in Her Home

Her husband is believed to be a suspect.