In Wake Of Queen’s Death, Former Black Diaspora British Colonies Conflicted Over Monarchy’s Legacy

At the end of her 70-year reign, voices were demanding an apology for slavery and other historical atrocities at the hands of the crown.

California To Categorize Its Black State Employees By Ethnic Lineage

Officials are identifying U.S. slave descendants as California explores reparations to Black residents.

Descendants Of Jesuit Enslaved People Claim Church Is Lagging On Promised Reparations

The poll took place amid the debate over history being taught in schools.

Judge Allows Tulsa Race Massacre Survivors To Sue For Reparations But Dismisses Descendants’ Case

Three survivors, all over 100 years old, demand justice for the 1921 racist attack that destroyed ‘Black Wall Street.’

Evanston, Illinois Selects First Group of Black Residents To Receive Reparations After Decision To Make Cash Payments

The Chicago suburb issued $25,000 payments, which must be used for home purchases, home improvement or mortgage assistance.

Apology For Boston’s Role In Slave Trade Unanimously Approved By City Council

The resolution also aims at reversing some of the effects of slavery.

Evanston, Ill., and Local Faith Communities Continue Reparations Work

The mayor and faith leaders announced fundraising to help Black Evanston residents who trace their lineage to the city from at least 1919-1969.

California Reparations Task Force Releases Lengthy Interim Report Detailing Impact of Slavery

The report details a long history of discriminatory state policies and practices that continue to harm Black residents today.

Judge Rules Lawsuit Seeking Reparations For Tulsa Massacre Survivors Can Proceed

Three victims, all more than 100 years old, demand justice for the 1921 racist attack.

Calif. Reparations Commission At Odds Over Who Would Receive Payment

Members hotly debated whether to include Black immigrants in their reparations proposal.

Jamaica Reportedly Began Process Of Removing Queen Elizabeth II As Head Of State

Voices on the Caribbean island nation demand reparations for slavery from the U.K.