UN Says Countries Should Consider Reparations To Transatlantic Slavery Descendants

An estimated 25 million to 30 million people were forcibly removed from Africa for more than 400 years during the slave trade

Caribbean Nations To Formally Demand Reparations From Royal Family

King Charles has expressed ‘personal sorrow’ for slavery but hasn’t apologized.

Poll Shows California Voters Oppose Cash Reparation Payments To Black Residents

Californians agree that the legacy of slavery and racial discrimination harm Black residents today but oppose giving them checks.

Attorneys For Living Tulsa Survivors Appeal Dismissed Reparations Case

They’ve been waiting 102 years for justice, a lawyer for the three race riot victims says.

Trump Voters Think ‘Racism’ Against White People Is A Problem. Really?

Opinion: A new poll shows just why we’re left without optimism for full reparations in America.

Oklahoma Judge Dismisses 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Reparations Case Filed By Survivors

Judge Caroline Wall said the lawsuit “should and shall be dismissed with prejudice" in her ruling.

East St. Louis, Ill., Committee Discusses Reparations For Descendants Of 1917 Massacre

A white mob attacked Black residents more than a century ago, now their descendants want restitution.

California Reparations Proposal Moves To Governor, State Legislature For Consideration

The task force proposes billions in a mix of cash payments and benefits to compensate Black Californians for the legacy of slavery.

Philadelphia Announces Creation Of A Reparations Task Force

The City Council introduced the legislation after consulting with the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America in early June.

Rep. Cori Bush Uses Juneteenth Holiday To Boost Reparations Legislation

“This is the moment to put it out and we needed something like this," Bush said about the bill.