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Donald Trump Says Haitians Trying To Enter U.S. ‘Probably Have AIDS’

The remarks came during a FOX News interview.

Fox News Bans Commentator For Vulgar Kamala Harris Attack

Harlan Hill is doubling down.

Laura Ingraham Slammed As A 'White Supremacist' After Attacking Chrissy Teigen And Nipsey Hussle

Many are calling for the Fox News host to be fired.

Tory Lanez Says What We Are All Thinking About The Demons At Fox News

He’s not holding back.

Melania Trump Tells Fox News’ Sean Hannity Journalists Are ‘Opportunists’

The first lady said dealing with the media is hard.

Fox 4 Slammed For Reporting On Weed Found In Botham Jean’s Apartment When He Was An Innocent Victim

“His apartment also contained an off duty homicidal cop."

Candace Owens And Dangerous Alt Right Personalities Slammed For Celebrating Kanye’s Recent Rants

Many worry the musician is getting "red pilled."

UPDATE: Laura Ingraham Responds To Backlash After She Said 'Shut Up And Dribble' To LeBron and Kevin Durant

She also invited LeBron James to come on her show.

LeBron James' Classy Clapback At Laura Ingraham Is What The Internet Was Waiting For

She said LBJ should "shut up and dribble."

White Fox News Host Roasted For Saying LeBron Should 'Shut Up And Dribble' And Leave Politics To People Who Aren't Dropouts

"A ball is as qualified to talk politics as Laura Ingraham."