Black Male Educator From Ohio Named 2022 National Teacher of the Year

The Oberlin, Ohio, history teacher Kurt Russel has been in the classroom for 25 years and has brought his life experiences with him.

Biden Administration Announces $500 Million Program to Improve K-12 School Buildings

The Action Plan for Building Better School Infrastructure program will target schools whose dilapidated buildings will benefit from energy upgrades.

101-Year-Old Merrill Pittman Cooper Finally Gets High School Diploma

During the segregated 1930s, the centenarian’s family was too poor to keep him in school.

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Into Law That Bans Critical Race Theory In Schools

Lawmakers in dozens of states have introduced anti-CRT legislation in a GOP political strategy to ignite their base, opponents say.

OPINION: Educators and Advocates Can Fight for Black Curriculum in the Classroom With The Right Resources

Despite the pushback, there are many ways to continue bringing the gift of learning about our history and culture to our students.

Morehouse College Focuses On Often Overlooked Research Issues Impacting Black Men In New Institute

Researchers will take a holistic approach in examining Black men’s experiences and how they influence the lives of Black men and boys, its officials say.

OPINION: Using Critical Race Theory As An Excuse Not To Teach Black History, A Nefarious Tactic

The study of systemic racism and its impact is targeted at collegiate level education, but some are using it as a reason to avoid educating schoolchildren about the history of Black people.

First Lady Jill Biden Expresses Disappointment Free Community College Won’t Happen With Build Back Better

The first lady expressed sadness that a pathway to educate more Americans seems to be off the table over political infighting.

High School Featured On ESPN Is Called ‘A Scam’ By Ohio Department of Education

Bishop Sycamore’s 58-0 ESPN-televised loss prompted the department to investigate.

Florida Governor Proposes Law to Ban CRT in Schools

DeSantis Claims CRT is “Corporate-Sanctioned Racism”

Tennessee Education Department Rejects Right-Wing Moms Group Complaint Under State’s Anti-Critical Race Theory Law

They wanted books about MLK and Ruby Bridges banned.