Charlottesville Robert E. Lee Statue To Be Melted Down Into Public Art

The move received city council approval this week.

Confederate Heritage Group Sues To Deny Removal Of Confederate Monument From Tuskegee, Ala. Site

The Daughters of the Confederacy want to keep a statue located in front of the county courthouse in a city that is 97 percent Black.

Alabama City Faces $25,000 Fine For Renaming Street That Honored Confederate President Jefferson Davis

Montgomery’s first Black mayor wants the street named for a local civil rights leader.

Tennessee Statue Honoring Black Troops Unveiled Across The Street From Confederate Monument

The statue in downtown Franklin, Tenn., celebrates Black troops that served in the Civil War.

House Votes To Remove Confederate Monuments and Memorials From U.S. Capitol

A new bust honoring Thurgood Marshall would be installed.

Fans Are Rallying For A Missy Elliott Statue To Replace This Confederate Monument

Grab your pen for the official petition, everyone.