2024 Presidential Election

Vivek Ramaswamy Defends KKK 'Grand Wizard' Remarks About Rep. Ayanna Pressley

The first Black woman elected to Congress from Massachusetts calls the GOP presidential candidate’s comments ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘dangerous.’

Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Juneteenth ‘Useless’ And Wants To Cancel It

The Republican threw red meat at the base but previously wished everyone ‘a happy Juneteenth’ in a social media post.

Democrats Fear Low Black Voter Turnout Will Harm Biden’s Reelection Bid

Much of the party’s concerns focus on Black men who feel frustrated with politics.

Cornel West Calls Biden 'Architect Of Mass Incarceration' During 1990s

The third-party presidential candidate blames legislation Biden championed as a senator for the prison warehousing of Black men for drug crimes.

GOP Former Rep. Will Hurd Announces He’s Running For President

‘You can’t be afraid of Donald Trump,’ the moderate Texas Republican says.

Cornel West Announces Third-Party Bid For President In A Campaign Video

‘I enter in the quest for truth. I enter in the quest for justice,’ the professor and activist says.

Survey: Black Americans Still Have Overall Positive View Of Biden

But many Black voters don’t think his policies have made much difference in their lives.