Black History Month

Pilot Bessie Coleman Has Own Barbie Doll

She was the first Black and Native American woman pilot.

Indiana Middle School Receives Backlash For Offensive Black History Month Assignment

Students were asked to draw photos of Black people picking cotton.

Without Black People, Movies Wouldn't Be As Lit

This month learn how impactful our Black history has been on the world.

Black History Month: Black Inventions That We Use Everyday To Look, Feel, And Stay Fly!

At BET, we're giving flowers to the Black inventors who provided the blueprint for some of our favorite fashion and beauty inventions!

Ye Gives ‘Black Future Month’ Speech, Says ‘The System Has Been Separating Families’

“America is made to enslave us,” West said in a newly released six-minute video.

Meet Buki Ade, The BFYNE Swimsuit Designer Who Empowered All Black Models During Miami Swim Week

BFyne is a contemporary swimwear and resort-wear brand where body positivity is a foundational principle.

Black History Month: 10 Black Grassroots Activists In The Movement Today

There is a long tradition of freedom fighters lifting Black people up, but there are also a number of young people continuing to forge that path. Here are 10 of them…

This Weekend: Here’s What to Watch, Listen to & Experience

Engage new sights, sounds, and things by Ravyn Lenae, YG, and Halle Berry.

T-Pain Says We Should Stop Celebrating Black History Month

"You separating us again! We want to be part of history, not just one month of it.,” he said.

'Everything Black' Presented by Ford

A daily reminder of African-American contributions to our world.