Donald Trump

President Joe Biden’s Campaign Uses Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Euphoria’ Diss Against Donald Trump

President Biden's campaign adopts Lamar's 'Euphoria' lyrics to sharply critique Donald Trump, transforming a hip-hop feud into a political statement on women's rights and immigration.

Trump Plans to Court Black Voters with Celebrity-Led Campaign Push

In a bid to win over African American voters, former President Donald Trump is reportedly aligning with hip-hop artists and athletes, planning major events in key cities, despite the lack of a cohesive engagement strategy.

John Legend Rips Donald Trump to Shreds, Calls Him 'A Tried and True Racist'

The EGOT winner contends the former president is benefiting from a flawed system that oppresses Black people.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Campaign Issues Statement On Trump's 'Project 2025' Housing Plan

The President’s campaign team pointed out how the plan would negatively impact the housing options for Black and Brown Americans.

Black Male Voters: Will They Decide the 2024 Election?

Seemingly overlooked in previous cycles, this time a party that repeats that does so at their peril.

Judge to Hold Hearing to Determine If Fani Willis Should Be Disqualified From Trump Case

The Fulton County D.A. was said to be involved in a romantic relationship with one of the principal prosecutors in the case.

Biden Highlights Impact of Black Churches: ‘What a Gift…You’ve Been’

The president visited two Black congregations in South Carolina on Jan. 28 and praised the impact of the African American faithful.

Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Democrats for Running An ‘Aging’ Biden Against Trump

While Biden is 81 and Trump is 77, the ESPN “First Take” host believes the president is too old to run again.

Sen. Tim Scott Does Not Rule Out VP Run With Trump Ahead Of New Hampshire Primary

The South Carolina senator dropped out of the race in November but hinted he’d be open to staying on the GOP ticket.

Ron DeSantis, the Face of the Republican Push Against Black History Education, Drops Out of Presidential Race

The Florida governor came to prominence with the support of a base that balked against teaching America’s racial history.