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Chicago Mayor Earmarks $500,000 For Reparations Panel

The panel was formed after unsuccessfully attempting to study reparations in the city three years ago.

Black Americans Face Income, Disability Barriers When Aging At Home

Adequate retirement funds and healthcare are attainable by many.

5 Things to Know About the New Head Of The Rainbow Push Coalition Rev. Frederick Haynes III

Haynes is the pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas and is a mentee of Jackson.

NAACP Issues Warning That Debt Ceiling Impasse Could Negatively Impact Black People

President Derrick Johnson said that recent “proposals are designed to play on racist stereotypes masquerading as sound policy.”

Pew Study: BLM Tops List Of Groups Black People Find Most Helpful

The survey also finds broad support for the BLM movement.

Poll Finds Black Americans View Race As Central To Their Identity

Although there’s some variation, the survey found a ‘very consistent finding’ that being Black is important to their personal identity.

2020 Census Reveals Unprecedented Multiracial Growth, White Population Decline

The Black population now makes up 14.2 percent of America.

Black Unemployment Rate Stalls Grimly As January Jobs Report Shows Dismal Numbers

Black people suffering more economically than others.

Obama Says Blacks Are Better Off Now Than Six Years Ago

President ends year-end presser with a question about race.