Lil Yachty and Dr. Umar Johnson Debate the Use of the N-Word

The two engaged in the discussion on the Atlanta rapper’s “A Safe Place” podcast.

ScHoolboy Q Changes His Mind About Allowing White People To Use The N-Word

The South Central rapper claims he was on drugs when he made his previous statements.

Most Parents Discussed Black Lives Matter With Their 8-11-Year-Old Children, Study Shows

About 84 percent of Black parents and 76 percent of White parents had talks with their kids about the movement following the death of George Floyd.

Republican Utah Governor Criticized For Celebrating Black History Month After Signing Bill to Kill Diversity Programs

The GOP governor was called a “liar” and a “hypocrite” for his social media posts

California Introduces Reparations Package -- With No Cash Payments

The proposal includes the restoration of property that was taken by “race-based” cases of eminent domain and state funding for “specific groups.”

Affirmative Action Opponents Now Targeting West Point, Naval Academy Through Supreme Court

While the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in a landmark ruling in June, the decision does not apply to military academies

New England Patriots Coach Jerod Mayo Makes Bold Statement On Race; Wins Praise From Black Twitter

The newly hired coach showed that he is well aware of the history of race in the NFL at his introductory press conference.

Jeffrey Wright Was Dubbed By Another Actor After Refusing to Censor His Use of the N-Word

For ‘Ride with the Devil’, the actor was asked to record a version of the film without saying the N-word.

Hughes Van Ellis, One of the Last Known Tulsa Race Massacre Survivors, Dies at 102

The remaining survivors are battling against time in a reparations lawsuit.

NBA Scores High, Wins Praise For Its Progressive Diversity Practices

The league received a grade of A in the 2023 NBA Racial and Gender Report Card released by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

Montgomery Mayor Cannot 'Confirm Or Deny' If Waterfront Brawl Was Racially Motivated

Mayor Steven L. Reed says law enforcement is speaking to eyewitnesses to the incident.