ida b wells

Ida B. Wells Being Honored In The Most Special Way At Union Station In Washington, D.C.

Wells was a crusader against lynching.

This Day in Black History: May 4, 1884

Ida B. Wells was forced to move her seat on a train.

This Day In Black History March 25, 1931

Political activist Ida B. Wells died at age 69.
The Scottsboro Boys\r - Eight Black teenage boys (a ninth boy, only 12, was deemed too young for the electric chair) were sentenced to death for the rape of two white women on a Southern Railroad freight train on March 25, 1931. During the one-day trial in Scottsboro, Alabama, an all-white jury sealed the boys’ fate. Public outcry and demonstrations in Harlem, New York, prompted the Supreme Court to reevaluate the convictions because the defendants lacked adequate defense. Charges were eventually dropped against four of the men. Three were re-sentenced to life in prison; a fourth man, Clarence Norris, was re-sentenced to death. That charge was later reduced to life in prison. In 1976, Alabama Gov. George Wallace, once known for his staunch pro-segregation views, pardoned Norris. The case of the Scottsboro boys remains precedent for controversial, racially-biased convictions and sentencing.\r(Photo: Courtesy of The Library of Congress)

This Day in Black History: March 25, 1931

The Scottsboro Boys are arrested in Paint Rock, AL.

Sculpture Honoring Ida B. Wells to Be Built in Chicago

Monument will mark the 150th anniversary of Wells' birth.