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Police car rooftop strobe lights - stock photo

Young Black Boys in Miami-Dade County Disproportionately Arrested, Research Reveals

“Black youth were much more likely to be arrested and re-arrested compared to White Latinx and White Non-Latinx youth.”

Black Youth In California See Double The Statewide Suicide Rate, Far Above Other Groups

The survey focused on suicide and self-harm trends at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Sad Fact: Half of Young Blacks Don't Think They'll Be Alive Past Their 30s

A report shows youth are less optimistic about their future.

Amnesty PSA Calls Attention to High Murder Rate of Brazil's Black Youth

The "Young Black Live" campaign is saying "enough murder."
Gray’s Lawyer Denies Police Account of Shooting

Young Blacks More Likely to Be Arrested for Non-Violent Crimes

Interactive map shows where this injustice happens most.
Akintunde Ahmad

Oakland Student Beats the Odds, Accepted to Top Colleges

Akintunde Ahmad attributes his success to focus and luck.

Pastor Invents Device to Prevent Drowning Among Black Children

Black children drown at nearly triple the rate of whites.
Child Care

Blacks Say Job Creation, Parental Engagement Are Keys to Success

Income inequality ranked high on a long list of issues.