deval patrick

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Takes On Grassroots Voter Engagement Through New Initiative

BridgeTogether is intended to fund organizations that are taking up the mantle of connecting with existing voters as well as disengaged or new ones.

Cleveland Coats, Retired Black State Trooper, Awarded Nearly $1.3 Million In Discrimination Case

He claims discrimination while working for the governor.

This Day in Black History: July 31, 1956

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick was born.

UPDATE: Deval Patrick Officially Announces Launch Of Presidential Campaign

The news comes less than three months before the primaries.

Edward Brooke, First Black Popularly Elected Senator, Honored

John Kerry eulogized Brooke as a "trailblazer."

Mark Wahlberg Requesting Pardon for Violent Hate Crimes

Terrorized Black kids, among other felonies, as a teen.

Gov. Deval Patrick: Obama's in a 'Really Tough Place' With Ferguson

Patrick says the president must tread carefully on race.
Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, Harry Belafonte Honored by Harvard

Shonda Rhimes and others also received Du Bois medals.

Geraldine Hines Becomes First Black Woman on Massachusetts High Court

The 66-year-old judge is a "child of the segregated South."