Bird Species With Culturally Insensitive Titles to be Renamed

Up to 260 birds will be renamed in the United States and Canada.

Feds: Georgia Man Shouted Racial Slurs While Shooting At Black Neighbor

Mark Wheeler was investigated by the FBI for violation of the criminal provision of the Fair Housing Act and using a firearm.

New York Judge Removed For Pointing Gun At Black Man In Court

Justice Robert J. Putorti said he drew his gun at the Black man because he approached the stand too quickly.

Group of Hells Angels Indicted In Attack On Three Black Men In San Diego

Troy Andrew Scholder who was identified as the Hells Angels leader allegedly stabbed one of the victims in the chest.

Alabama Condemns Racist, Homophobic Jeers Against Texas Players After Loss

Texas players Jelani McDonald, X’Avion Brice, and Quintrevion Wisner were the targets of the vile comments.

DeSantis Snaps At Black Man Who Suggested His Policies Were Partly Behind Jacksonville Shooting

“You have allowed people to hunt people like me,” the man said to DeSantis.

Black Surfer Says Racists In Florida Nailed His Board To A Tree

Andrew Sherlock Mills said white surfers told him, 'They can't stand to see a Black man in their waters.'

Atlanta Prosecutor Fani Willis Received Racist Threats As Trump Indictment Approached

The Fulton County DA is expected to announce the indictment of Trump for interfering in Georgia’s election by September 1.

Police Investigating Racist Death Threats Against Suburban Atlanta Mayor

Mayor Khalid Kamau has received threats using the phrase, ‘KKK style.’

GOP Lawmaker Uses Term 'Colored People' On House Floor In Response To Black Congresswoman

Rep. Eli Crane used the derogatory term while introducing an amendment to a military bill.

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville Grudgingly Admits White Nationalists Are Racist

Tuberville was criticized by Democrats and Republicans for previously refusing to denounce white nationalism.