Students At Utah University Are Protesting Homophobia

The TikTok group Black Menaces is leading the charge.

Black Utah High School Football Player Won’t Accept Being Called N-Word, Gets Punished For It

The incident happened in a school district with a history of not punishing white students for their racist behavior.

Family Wants Answers After Girl With Autism, 10, Commits Suicide After Racial Bullying At School

A federal probe found a pattern of the Utah school district ignoring complaints of racist taunting.

Parents In Utah Request To Have Children Skip Black History Month Curriculum

The request caused outrage over the very notion.

Utah BLM and Proud Boys Leaders Give Joint Press Announcement Explaining What They Have ‘In Common’

The groups both say they are working together.

Attorney Says Utah Police Department Keeps Changing Story About Officer Pulling Gun On 10-Year-Old Black Boy

The statement was made after police pulled a gun on a child.

Utah Police Chief Defends Officer Who Pulled Gun On 10-Year-Old Black Boy

Officer Mike Daugherty pulled his gun on DJ Hrubes.

White Utah Mother Demands Investigation After Cop Allegedly Pointed Gun At Her Black 10-Year-Old Son's Head

Jerri Hrubes said her son, DJ, is also mentally delayed.

Video Shows Biracial Utah Boy Trapped In School Bus Doors And Dragged 175 Feet By White Driver

The student's mother filed a lawsuit.

Teen Mug Shot Goes Viral After People Says There’s No Way He’s 19

"He looks like he pays his own child support."

Black Soccer Playing Sisters Heard Rival School Fans Shout ‘Nice Shot N****r’ During Game

Emmie and Darcy Woodward said no one stopped the harassers.