'All The Queen’s Men': The Teflon Donna

Even when they have Madam right where they want her, the Queen always emerges victorious.

In the previous episode, Madam is booked for the attempted murder of her sister, Carla. After some back and forth with District Attorney Rodds, we learn Carla dropped the charges. Madam is immediately released. 

After witnessing the live footage of Big D being shot by Madam, Fuego rescues him from the basement and admits his doubts over how Madam runs her business. Fuego offers his crib so Big D can lay low while he figures out his next move. Big D later tells him he was planning to skip town but wants to stay and work at the club. He was just helping out Casanova as a favor to a friend. To Big D's disappointment, that "friend" cuts him off and tells him they no longer work together. 

Rodds visits Fuego. She wants him to cooperate with her and expose everything he knows about Madam. It is implied that her people were the ones who hacked him, which begs the question of whether Rodds' people witnessed Big D being shot. I suspect we'll never get the answer.

'All The Queen's Men': Madam's Secret Basement - Where Gunshots and Informants Collide!

Babyface arrives at Tandy's home and charms her. She asks his angle, and he claims he doesn't have one. She doesn't know Babyface has been asking for a place to crash. He's totally using her. She says he can stay until Jack gets back.

The morning of James's funeral, Detective Davis wakes up in Doc's bed again. As he tries to kick her out, she mentions she has military connections with eyes on the Concierge.

In the meantime, Amp tries to use Dime's compassion over losing his grandfather to ask her for another chance. She rejects him. It's not the time or place to have this conversation. 

On the way to the funeral, Madam instructs Tommy not to let on that James is still alive. Tommy isn't too bright, so she has good reason to worry. When Madam arrives, she runs into Carla, who reveals she dropped the charges because she knows James is still alive and their father gave her money on his way out of the country. She offers to work with Madam, but Madam wants no part because she cannot trust her sister.

During Carla's tearful fake eulogy, Madam hears copters. There's a hail of gunfire from above and everyone immediately panics and runs for cover. The entire team, the dancers and even DJ Dime, run to her truck for machine guns and fire back. Everyone makes it out alive, but the Concierge has made his message clear.

Davis later asks Madam for more money in exchange for having eyes on the Concierge.

Trouble and Big D profess their loyalty to Eden since she can barely trust them. It goes better for Big D, who agrees to be Madam's informant. On the other hand, Trouble has to turn over her entire bag for work that night instead of the normal percentage for tip-out. 

Ultimately, Tandy meets Babyface in the VIP room to tell him Jack is dead. Instead of mourning her husband like any decent human being, she wants to screw Babyface again. While this is happening, the cops come to arrest Trouble and Champ for the murder of Jack Watson. That's two L's for Trouble in the same night.

We're left with two questions: How will Jack's death affect the mayoral campaign? And will Trouble ever be able to catch a break? Maybe we'll find out next week!

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