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The Essential 'All The Queen's Men' Playlist

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Gentlemen's Club: Ranking the Male Characters in 'All the Queen's Men'

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'All The Queens Men' - A Royal Affair

With all the murder and mayhem surrounding Club Eden, there's little time for romance, but four recurring and complex relationships define the show.

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'All The Queen’s Men': Tied Up

Trouble and Champ are a little too cocky about their crimes and get caught up.

'All The Queen's Men': Seduction, Lies & $500k Stash - Trouble & Champ Kidnapped!

Doc gets dumped by Madam, Trouble loses her necklace & they both get caught red-handed! Plus, a major robbery and a shocking abduction set the stage for chaos.

'All The Queen’s Men': After the Fire

After a fiery confrontation, Fuego and Madam navigate a fragile truce, but suspicions loom.

'All The Queen’s Men': Sympathy For The Devil

In the aftermath of Trouble and Champ's arrest, the underbelly of crime in the city reveals intricate connections.

'All The Queen’s Men': The Teflon Donna

Even when they have Madam right where they want her, the Queen always emerges victorious.