How Pressure Creates Diamonds with Jim Jones

“I came up from nothing, so being able to do this podcast and give back to people and show them how to make something out of nothing is a blessing to me.”

New York rapper, Jim Jones is a pioneer in hip-hop. He’s a rapper, manager and music executive and recently he added podcast host to his list of accomplishments.  Mining Diamonds, a podcast about navigating entrepreneurship and learning about business, is hosted by Jim Jones and co-hosts Nakia Booth and Beef Jones.

The hosts chat in a roundtable discussion with "entrepreneurs, creators, stakeholders, and risk-takers” according to the podcast. Culture is key and Mining Diamonds aims to mine knowledge from their guests to extract and give back to the community. According to Jim's team, the Mining Diamonds podcast is co-produced and distributed by UnitedMasters, an artist services startup that helps musicians distribute and market their music while allowing them to keep their copyrights.

Jim Jones, host of the Mining Diamonds Podcast.

United Masters

Jim Jones, host of the Mining Diamonds Podcast. sat down with host Jim Jones to learn more about the podcast:

  1. The process of creating diamonds is laborious, but the result is beautiful. Why did you choose the name Mining Diamonds and what do you hope to achieve with this podcast?

Mining Diamonds was created because the Black community has been underrepresented and discredited in America and we want to give them the tools they need to be financially successful. It’s about making something out of the pressures that we face on a daily basis.

2. You are ever mindful of “the culture.” What does the culture mean to you and why was it important to you to be mindful of it?

I was born into the culture so it’s a part of my life. I don’t know what it means to me. I’ve been breathing it since I was born. People don’t do shit for the culture. They aren’t mindful of the culture, they just use it for what it’s worth. It’s terrible out there. Nobody is really holding up the culture, they’re taking from the culture. That’s a whole ‘nother story.

3. Who is your target audience—young people, older people, everybody?

The podcast is for anybody that wants to get their money up and learn how to be successful independently.

4. The guests of the podcast aren’t typical. They aren’t always celebrities, or in one specific industry—they range from chefs, real estate developers, BMX riders and other podcast hosts. What do you look for in a guest to include on the show?

All of the guests on the podcast were responsible for their own success by being smart with their money, thinking outside of the box and staying true to themselves. We have more than celebrities on the podcast because we want the people to know that you don’t have to be famous to make money.

5. You cover everything from financial literacy, business, and innovation. Why do you feel those topics are important to cover on your podcast?

We cover them for our people because Black people usually don’t get a head start on these things. We want to teach them about financial literacy, how to start businesses, and improving their credit. We also want to teach them about the pitfalls of business and the things that people went through while starting their business. Everybody’s not going to be a boss, we understand that. But everyone can own something and this is what we’re trying to show them.

6. What have you learned from this podcast—what's the most salient piece of information you’ve received?

You gotta get your credit together because cash ain’t king. Especially when it comes to opening a business and learning more about financial literacy. It all is connected by having good credit. Having good personal credit and business credit will help you open up anything in the world.

7. How has your culture, upbringing, and fame influenced the podcast?

I came up from nothing, so being able to do this podcast and give back to people and show them how to make something out of nothing is a blessing to me. I’m happy to do that.

8. How did you and your co-hosts, Nakia Booth and Gregory Jones, come to host together, and what part have they played in the podcast?

Well, Beef actually brought the podcast to my attention and asked if I would be a part of it along with Nakia. I’ve been dealing with Gregory for numerous years, we’ve done business ventures together and he’s a very smart individual. He is one of the smartest individuals that I’ve come across. When he broke down the idea for the content of the podcast, I was excited because it wasn’t like a regular podcast or similar to what other rappers were doing when you see them on a podcast.

This article has been edited for clarity purposes.

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