Black Wealth

Families and Financial Literacy: 5 Ways To Talk To Kids About Investing

Michelle Griffith, a Senior Wealth Advisor at Citi, shares practical ways to teach children to be successful investors.

Poll: Most Blacks Optimistic About Their Financial Future

A survey asked Black Americans how much money they need to live the life they want.

Black Family Agrees To Sell Wrongly Seized Property Back To L.A. County For $20 Million

The Jim Crow-era property theft blocked the transfer of generational wealth, says the Bruce family lawyer.

This Visual Artist is Brining Awareness to Black Women’s Equal Pay

“I’m a Black woman and you cannot separate the art from the artist.”
Jim Jones, Nakia Booth and Beef Jones, host and co-hosts of the Mining Diamonds Podcast.

How Pressure Creates Diamonds with Jim Jones

“I came up from nothing, so being able to do this podcast and give back to people and show them how to make something out of nothing is a blessing to me.”
Eric Whitehead takes a photo while holding a phone.

Meet Eric Whitehead, The Luxury Car Dealer Who Has the Keys to Success

Looking to the future is how this luxury car dealer stayed on top in the industry
Personal Chef Joya

This Vegan Personal Chef Takes Pride In Her Cooking And Identity

“Just because people become vegan, I don’t want them to feel like they have to miss out on their cultures and traditions.”
Isaac Hayes III, Fanbase Founder and CEO, headshot.

This App Makes Sure Black Creators Are Getting Paid What They Deserve

Their top users are not celebrities, they are everyday people earning $1.5-2k a month from their content.
The Brooklyn Bank

The Black Money Forum: Top Experts Come Together To Teach Lessons On How To Make, Keep, And Enhance Your Money was at the Juneteenth event in Brooklyn which highlighted the importance of wealth building, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Call Her Latashá: Meet Your Guide to Creative Liberation Through NFTs

The multifaceted artist shares her cryptocurrency story for other BIPOC creators to follow.
The Vaucresson family, of the Vaucressons Sausage Company, posing for a picture at the Black Restaurant Accelerator Program in New Orleans.

A Helping Hand: Pepsico Foundation And The National Urban League Partner To Save Black-Owned Restaurants

"Our goal is to provide grant assistance to 500 businesses in five years.”