Diarra From Detroit: Don't Stalk the Player, Respect the Game

If you're not watching 'Diarra From Detroit' on BET+, what are you even doing? Catch up on what you've missed so far.

Diarra's search for Ambien Chris/Deonte Brooks has led to an underground kink dungeon and a dangerous ride along with her case's prime suspect. Now, she's seeking answers at a high-stakes card game with her life and finances hanging in the balance. 

Buddy Black's underground poker game is the stuff of Detroit legend, now run by his granddaughter Maisha (Kash Doll). Diarra, Aja, and Tea arrive decked out in their finest threads. "There's one rule," Maisha tells them. "Respect my game."

We have much to cover, so let's rundown how we got here. 

The Evidence.

We flashback to Diarra's living room, now a CSI set with 90s paraphernalia and potential evidence. Diarra knows Deonte and Chris are the same person and thinks he came back to solve his own kidnapping. "Whoever took him in 1995 is hunting him all over again." The evidence includes articles about Deonte's disappearance, with drawings of spiders alongside Diarra's phone number. There's a sweatshirt from an All-Star Basketball Camp in 1995. 

Diarra From Detroit - Vonda’s Got a Gun

The Tarantula.

She learns that Tony "The Tarantula" Kincaid was the camp's coach. Tony (John Salley) is a former Pistons player with a 1997 DUI involving another underage boy. Deonte/Chris seems obsessed with spiders, so Diarra believes he's pointing her toward "The Tarantula." According to Vonda, Tony used to invite the kids to his home for sleepovers, and had a special interest in Deonte, although Deonte couldn't play ball "for sh—."

Tony also owned a Chevy dealership with a fleet of Impalas. In the previous episode, we saw a flashback of Deonte's disappearance and a green Impala speeding off.

The dead Russian.

Tea confronts Diarra with a clipping about the death of the Russian they followed weeks prior. Turns out he was a contract killer. Diarra doesn't know who killed him, but she's convinced Tony sent him, since Mr. Greeks sponsored Tony's basketball camp and was one of the few numbers in the Russian's burner. Tea and Moni believe Mr. Greeks is a mob front and that the Russian was in cahoots with them.

The Ex-husband.

Swa is seeking to deny Diarra spousal support on the grounds that Diarra has moved on to another man. Diarra is advised to prepare a list of her assets and she barely owns anything. But she also needs him, or rather his brother Aaron who works at the police station, to release a file that could help with her cold case. Swa produces the file. Tony was supposedly "out of town" during Deonte's disappearance and missed a ton of games that season. Swa later comes through with a settlement offer but she wants more, plus $2,500 in cash.

The Game.

The $2,500 is a buy-in for Buddy Black's poker game. According to Moni, it's the only place Diarra is confident she can get information out of Tony even though she was always bad at cards and couldn't count books in Spades to save her life. "I've seen Ocean's 11 eleven times," Diarra counters. But they aren't concerned about her winning; she just needs to stay at the table long enough to get some truths out of Tony.

After drugging a player to get him off the board, Diarra assumes his spot and asks to be dealt in. She immediately notices her account is overdrawn. The money Swa agreed to send to help with bills was rescinded until she accepted his divorce settlement offer. She spends most of the game folding and trolls Tony over his game record and controversies. 

Finally, with an ace and king in hand, she asks him about Deonte. "Where were you in 1995?" Tony raises the bet and she confidently calls it. He's also all in, and Diarra's convinced she has him, but Tony has a king and queen of spades and wins the board.

Maisha's cronies drag Diarra away from the table and hold her down for not respecting the game. Maisha threatens Diarra with a pair of pliers to the face until Tony intervenes and asks why she's so nosy. Diarra asks about the DUI and Deonte. Tony admits that he's a recovering alcoholic, and he was in rehab during his time away from the 1995 season, and that he was just mentoring Deonte. When she realizes Tony has no real ties to Mr. Greeks or the Russian, she asks for her buy-in to be returned and is promptly kicked out. 

Ultimately, her fantasies of Chris are interrupted by a call from "Ambien."


Who has Chris's phone?

Are the Greeks actually involved? The man who has been tailing Diarra since she appeared at Chris's apartment seems to think so.

And, finally, why is Swa being so mean?

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