Diarra From Detroit - Vonda’s Got a Gun

Diarra "Captain Extra" Brickland is up to her neck in the mystery of Deonte Brooks, who may also be the man who ghosted her. Will Deonte's mother offer a clue to the whereabouts of "Ambien Chris"?

In the previous episode, Diarra tracked down the mysterious Russian, only for him to be gunned down in an underground kink club. Now she has his blood-soaked burner phone, containing images of Chris and Deonte Brooks's missing person's flyer. Diarra investigates the call log, and her first attempt ends up being at a restaurant called Mr. Greeks. But a return call later is from Vonda Brooks, Deonte's mother, and prime suspect in his 1995 kidnapping. 

Crazy Moni offers to join Diarra in solving the case. Moni and her husband Roman are in debt of $50,000, and the reward for solving the Brooks case is double that. She offers to split the money with Diarra. Diarra is on board and tells Moni that Vonda is the key to solving the mystery.

As they leave Aja's brunch celebrating her inclusion on "New Detroit's 35 Under 35" list, Swa pulls up in the car he shared with Diarra during their marriage. The car is the safe space she's longed for, but there's a new woman in the passenger seat. Diarra wants her car back but Swa has no intentions of handing it over. But there are more important things to worry about, namely the $100,000 case, and Moni has an idea. One of the passengers on her bus route, The Professor, "knows something about everything." The Professor offers a convoluted conspiracy theory wrapped around a single useful bit of info—Vonda has a base of operations in an old church in Mexicantown.

Diarra From Detroit: Diarra's Dangerous Dance in Search of Truth

Diarra and Moni locate Vonda (Phylicia Rashad) at the old church. They're a little too hasty with their approach, as Vonda immediately pulls a gun on them to demand what they're up to. They say they just want to talk, so Vonda cuts a deal with them. They must agree to a ride in her dusty old van, and she asks if Diarra can swing a bat.

Vonda answers strange phone calls and drives manically. Moni wonders if they've been kidnapped. During a series of mysterious pickups, drop-offs, and stakeouts, Diarra and Moni sort through Vonda's things and the complexities of their friendship. There are no clues in the truck, just burner phones, and crude weapons. Vonda catches them snooping but thinks they're true, harmless crime podcasters. They watch as Vonda lays a trap and follows her bait to a trap house. This is when Vonda's gig becomes clear—she's on a rescue mission for a child hostage.

She informs Moni and Diarra there's a young girl inside the house. Diarra is in charge of swinging the bat, and Moni is in charge of the box of fireworks Vonda picked up during the ride-along. When Moni lights the fireworks to distract the kidnappers, Diarra experiences PTSD, recalling the moment the Russian was shot in the club. Vonda tells her to pull it together, but Diarra is unable to use the bat to knock out the kidnapper, so Vonda intervenes and they safely make their way out with the hostage.

Soon after, we learn why Vonda waited a full twenty-three minutes before searching for her son. They were at the mall to buy the latest Mary J. Blige and the entire mall was distracted by the OJ Simpson verdict! When Vonda finally thought she had a tail on her son, she saw a green Impala speeding out of the parking lot. Vonda also tells Diarra that some Putin-sounding journalist (The Russian) contacted her asking if she knew Deonte was back in Detroit. This is why she was in the Russian’s burner.

Diarra finally accepts that Vonda isn't a suspect, just a woman trying to ease the guilt for taking an eye off her kid so many years ago. 

Diarra and Moni return to Chris's apartment to look for "something hidden.'' She knows Chris didn't cook, so he likely uses his oven for storage. Inside, there's a cardboard box with a bunch of evidence, namely a Ninja Turtles bookbag with "Deonte" written on it. 

They believe they're even closer to solving the case and celebrate by tracking down Swa at a restaurant. They distract the valet and steal the keys to Diarra's safe space. They do a joyride through Detroit, and we flashback to their childhood as friends.

But they're being followed by someone who has Diarra's pictures on his phone.


Who's following her?

Why was the Russian looking for Chris/Deonte?

What else is in the cardboard box?

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